Compensation Watch ’12: Disappointment at Deloitte – UPDATE: Also, Offended!

After sending out a few fluffer posts in July to get everyone worked up, we've heard from a couple of people who had their compensation discussions today. So far the news has come from one audit and one advisory professional out of NYC. As is typical with many of you who send in tips, the auditor went scant on details and used the tip box and didn't bother giving us an email address to respond to. That is NOT helpful. Thing like your city, level, special group, rating, etc. are all relevant to this discussion. Luckily, the advisory professional contacted us by text so we were able to inquire a bit furher. 

This tipster was rated 1 (that's on the high end for Deloitte) so (s)he was "content," although offered this:

My understanding is that people who were not rated 1 are disappointed with this year's adjustment.

Last month people were pretty cynical about the chances of good numbers and this doesn't sound like a good start. The good news is that Deloitte is not above admitting that they've lowballed people in the past so there's always a chance for redemption.

Are you disappointed with your sit-down? Wanna talk about it but can't get past Joe Echevarria's administrative assistant? Email us or give us your details below. We'll keep this post updated as we receive more details.

UPDATE, August 22nd:
Someone who vehemently disagrees with the characterization of "disppointment" wrote in:

You may want to consider changing the "Compensation Watch '12: Disappointment at Deloitte" tittle as there doesn't appear to be much disappointment.  As a Deloitter, I take offence to you misleading your readers. 
As you were.

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