September 20, 2018

Find out if you're paid what you're worth.

The data was collected. The numbers were crunched. The results are in.

The 2017 Going Concern Accounting Compensation Report demonstrates that CPAs and accountants are enjoying increases in compensation that, based on the data, are likely to continue.

Much More Than Just Cash Salary Numbers

The Report is based on compensation data collected directly from over a thousand CPAs and accountants from corporations and firms both large and small, non-profits and government employees. We’re confident this report will give you what you need to negotiate or review your compensation package.

What’s in the report?

  • Total Compensation
  • Compensation by Job Title
  • Bonus Size & Percentage
  • Compensation Differences Between Firm Type by Job Type
  • Compensation by Firm Type
  • Compensation Differences Between Regions by Job Title
  • Compensation Differences Between Industries by Job Title
  • & More

Bring on the Talent War

Demand for CPAs is unprecedented. This means more deals and greater demand for talent from both public accounting firms and industry. Firms are positioning to keep talented professionals from leaving for greener pastures, as the upward compensation trend will likely continue, even if overall economic conditions show only minor improvement.

Get Instant Access to All Data!

When it comes to negotiating your salary, don’t get caught short without the information you need to make the best decisions and get the best outcome. This Report is up-to-date, comprehensive, reasonably priced, and guaranteed.