August 10, 2020

You Bitched, We Listened: Comments Are Back Open

No, this isn’t a prank. It’s true. The comment section on all Going Concern articles is once again open for business.

We saw the diatribes and polls on Twitter, we read the pissed-off emails, we noticed the lack of activity on Open Items. You were upset when we took away comments in May. We get it; many of you come to Going Concern for the comment section.

A lot of the comments you guys posted before we took them down were insightful and funny. And we can take the heat. I think those of us who write for Going Concern have thick skin, and constructive criticism is good.

But there were some commenters who were offensive, made personal attacks on other members, and were nasty toward the writers. Therefore, we thought the bad outweighed the good, so we took the comment section away. But we also weren’t enforcing our community guidelines as often as we should’ve been. That’s on us.

Now that we’re opening comments back up, we will be strictly enforcing our community guidelines. If you need a refresher, you can read them here.

A few other things:

  • You’ll need to have an account on Going Concern to be able to comment. Those who previously only had a Disqus account will have to create a GC one. 
  • The PwC 2018 compensation thread will be moved out of Open Items soon and put onto the homepage, along will all future compensation discussions.
  • And as Adrienne pointed out last Friday, she’ll be policing the article and Open Items comment sections, as well as writing regularly again for Going Concern. If you haven’t welcomed her back, hit her up on Twitter. And Caleb will still be contributing some hot takes when he feels like it.

When I worked at AccountingWEB, I used to go on Going Concern every day and I was envious of all the comments Caleb’s and Adrienne’s articles got. I didn’t understand why we couldn’t replicate that on AWEB. Now I understand.

Many of you have been active readers and, more importantly, active participants of Going Concern, through thick and thin, for the past nine years. You guys have come here to poke fun at the Big 4 with us. To lead interesting and sometimes unusual discussions. To safely talk about what’s on your mind without your bosses knowing it’s you. But taking comments away was the last straw for many of you. We silenced the voices that were most important to the success of this site: yours.

Now that the ribbon has been cut and the comment section is back, we hope you’ll come back and participate on Going Concern as often as you once did.  So …

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