August 19, 2018

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Advice: Leave Big 4 then come back?

Ready to get berated for this, but I want some constructive criticism. I graduated with a degree in finance and accounting, interned in audit with Big 4, and received an offer. The offer would start this August, and I’ve already taken 2 sections of the CPA exam. However, I’ve always considered pursuing medicine and I […]

Advice: Stay mid-market or try to get big 4?

Currently, I just finished my junior year of college and I have an internship with a mid market firm for next spring. I will be graduating that same spring with my bachelors in accountancy and will have my 150 credits to take the CPA exam. Assuming that I receive a full time offer after my […]

Is there any community-based app service for consulting people

Like a place where anonymously asking about compensation, career path, etc.. I have around 3 yrs experience at Big 3 and wanna try something different, looking for advisors..

MS in ERM vs MAcc

So, I’m trying to decide between pursuing a Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management or a Master of Accounting. Both degrees are financed so it’s not a financial matter. I also already have a job offer with Big 4 pending graduation. I have a B.S. in Accounting; however, I’m a little concerned that I […]

Senior Tax Associate Relocating; Negotiating Salary

Hi All, I need some advice. I got an offer in Seattle as a tax senior with another Big 4 firm. I am from Southern California who is about to get promoted to senior. They offer me a 75k base no signing or relocation assistance but I tried getting a signing bonus. I haven’t signed […]

Young Professional Dilemma

Hi All, I have a bit of a unique situation here. I left the big 4 as a staff auditor about 7 months ago. I was only at the big 4 firm for about a little more than a year. The reason why I left was because I was going through quite a bit at […]

Federal Gov job GS13 level?

Hi there, Have anyone made the move from Big4 to Federal government job in the financial sector? The USA hob website is not clear in regards to type and time of experience needed. I’m totally lost and would appreciate the help. I heard of an acquaintance who worked at Deloitte for  3 years and went […]

PwC M&A or Deloitte International

I have received two offers in a southeastern market for PwC M&A tax and Deloitte International Tax. . . . I really hit it off with the people of both offices and the offer (salary) is pretty similar between the two. Any thoughts one way or the other? I’m a JD/LLM. I’ve been told that […]

Accept KPMG full-time offer?

Hello, I’m currently finishing up graduate school. I did not network enough while I was in undergraduate school, so kpmg was my only internship/full time offer. I know kpmg is going through some ethical dilemmas right now with Wells Fargo and the PCAOB. Would it be safe to go work for Kpmg this Fall? I […]

Business data analytics – any recommendations?

I would love to get feed back from anyone in industry who uses data analytics for management or anyone in public who does data analytics consulting. I work in industry for a large public company, and they have offered to pay for me to take some courses on Coursera in data analytics. There is a […]