Busy Season Zen: Watch This Toddler Make Lasagna

Roman the cook

Alright y’all, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that Busy Season Zen is back. Those of you who have been around since the good ole days will recognize it as a weekly feature that has absolutely nothing to do with accounting and everything to do with giving you a break from the madness. The bad news is that the series only exists to distract you from your potentially miserable life during this, the most trying of seasons.

Chances are you won’t be doing much cooking for the next few months if you’re chin-deep in busy season shit, but even if you are I bet you won’t be doing it quite as well as this little dude. He even cleans up after himself… sort of. Enjoy.

Need more zen? Check out past Busy Season Zen entries here and be sure to meet us back here next week for a fresh fix. We’re with you in spirit.

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