July 16, 2018

Why Auditors Love Working at Portland’s Perkins & Co

Perkins Co

“You have to be damn good to work here.”

That’s a common saying at Portland, Oregon-based Perkins & Co But if you’ve got the “damn good-ness,” this is a firm that’s prepared to reward auditors—often in unique ways you won’t find at the Big 4. And, lucky for you, they’re hiring now.

Check out the video below to see two Perkins & Co employees describe the flexibility, culture, and rapid advancement opportunities that brought them to the firm—and kept them there.

Perkins & Co prides itself on allowing employees to engage in big opportunities early on, allowing newer employees to manage client engagements and have their voices heard on complex issues. Unsurprisingly, their employees tend to stick around for a while: the company-wide average length of service is 7.6 years, including entry-level hires.

Their culture takes a “work together, play together” attitude that allows casual dress, open communication with mentors, flexible work schedules, telecommuting, and an overall focus on work/life balance. Travel requirements are also much more reasonable than you’ll find at the Big 4, with most trips taking you only a short distance and giving you plenty of nights in your own bed.

They’re also heavily dedicated to community service, sponsoring close to 100 professional and nonprofit organizations.

And, perhaps most importantly, Perkins & Co is proving that this model results in real business benefits that help grow the firm and advance the careers of its employees.

Latest reported numbers show them growing at 25.7% total and 8.8% organically, which far outpaces the CPA firm average. They’ve received Inavero’s Best of Accounting™ Award four years straight—every year since the award’s inception—an honor less than 1% of US and Canadian firms can claim.

They’re also ranked #115 on the Inside Public Accounting 2017 IPA 200 Firms list, jumping up from the #137 spot last year, and listed #4 in terms of total growth. Plus they’re tied with Moss Adams as the largest public accounting firm in Oregon, ranked by number of CPAs on staff.

If you’re looking for a firm that offers a flexible culture, a focus on community service, and provides a career runway rather than just a job, Perkins & Co might be the right place for you. They’re hiring now, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

If this sounds interesting to you, connect with Perkins & Co. Their recruitment team who would love to speak to you about the audit opportunities that interest you and whether Perkins & Co is the right fit.

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Give It Up Tax Protesters, You’re Just Screwing Yourselves

Of the adherents of strange and puzzling belief systems – 9/11 Truthers, Fed groupies, Cubs fans – few work so hard to screw themselves as tax protesters.

By their own account, twww.rothcpa.com/archives/000480.php”>spend “thousands of hours” reading their arcane tracts, expanding on theories of why the 16th Amendment is a figment of our imagination, or why a gold-fringed flag means you’re in an admiralty court, which somehow undoes the income tax.

Or why the federal tax law only covers the District of Columbia and federal forts, or why Section 861 says U.S. source income isn’t taxable. The result? They still owe the taxes, penalties, and maybe $25,000 idiot fees from the tax court – and that’s if things go well. If they go badly, they go very badly.

Every year the IRS updates its handy debunking of tax protester arguments. It does little good. You can spend hours trying to talk tax protesters out of their ideas, but they move effortlessly from one gold-fringed bad idea to another, and they can almost sound like they make sense, until you get outside and get some fresh air. But there is one common problem in all of these “Tax Honesty” arguments: they don’t work.

No matter how convinced you are that Irwin Schiff’s theories of the income tax are true, that there is no income tax, all of the federal judges think there is one. So does the IRS, the Federal Marshals Service, and pretty much everyone in the Bureau of Prisons. What they say trumps what Irwin says, which is why the poor man is likely to die in jail.

But what about the glorious courtroom triumphs of Lloyd Long, Vernice Kuglin and Tom Cryer? They were acquitted by juries! Yes, these guys beat criminal charges. Why the juries voted the way they did, we’ll never really know. Maybe they were nullifiers, striking a blow against the income tax. Maybe they decided that the defendants really believed their schtick, so they didn’t “willfully” fail to pay their taxes. But these acquittals debunk the income tax only if the O.J. acquittal debunks California’s murder statute. Even though these guys didn’t go to jail (unlike many, including their pied piper, Irwin Schiff), they still have to pay their taxes.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking “Of course he says that. He does taxes for a living. He’s in on the conspiracy!” If so, come on. If this stuff actually worked, I wouldn’t grind my way through every tax season pretending there is an income tax. If it worked, I would just talk to a few of my wealthiest clients, work out a deal to take 5% of their income for the next 10 years in return for making their taxes go away, wave my wand, and spend March in Mesa.

But here I am, grinding out those returns. That no more makes me “pro-tax” than believing in germ theory makes a doctor “pro-bacteria.” Still, if you really want to ruin your financial life, you’re welcome to choose your poison. But first ask yourself: are all of these big companies and rich guys who pay taxes crazy or stupid? Or is it just you?