October 20, 2018

Make $40k in Three Months This Busy Season

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Imagine getting paid by the hour during busy season.

Sure, salaried employment is great, and it makes sense for a lot of CPAs.

But if you’re someone who isn’t sold on climbing the corporate ladder to enter yourself into the partner lottery 15 to 20 years into your career, then there’s a more flexible and lucrative way for you to work.

And that’s why Beech Valley is launching our busy season freelance program, kicking off in select cities this January. CPAs can double their relative income working with us, and needs are growing.

We’re paying qualified CPAs by the hour to help national and regional CPA firms through audit and tax busy season.

How would you feel if instead of getting a couple thousand dollars deposited into your bank account twice a month, you were sending a monthly invoice to the tune of $10+ thousand dollars? (9 hours per day x 21 days a month x $65 per hour = $12,285)

When I left PwC, they offered me $40/hr to stay on through their Flexible Talent Network. I declined and started making $65/hr immediately through Beech Valley, increasing the rate offered through the FTN by 62.5%. Beech Valley would pay you between $50 and $85 an hour depending on your experience and location.

This arrangement gave me the financial cushion to take time off to grow our business, just like many of our other freelancers. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs that have used “busy season capital” to start their own accounting advisory firms, a yoga studio, a real estate fund, a software company for restaurants, and other businesses. Others used that capital to travel Southeast Asia for 6 months.

And of course, others just want more time to spend with their family.

We’re officially launching in the following cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill
  • San Francisco / Bay area
  • Washington DC Metro

So are you interested in rethinking the way you work busy season? Click here to apply.

And, we’re continuing to meet with firms in other cities as well. So if you don’t see your market, send us a note and we may still be able to work together.

Plus, we work with qualified candidates out of public accounting on consulting projects year-round. They also pay for every hour worked. Again, if you’re interested, just send us a note or calculate how much your time is worth on this nifty freelance accountant rate calculator.

If you’re not ready to make the switch at this time, but would like to consider future projects, you can also join our mailing list and receive unique freelance opportunities that include remote work, travel engagements, and on-site advisory work in cities across the country (and some international).

Josh Tarica is a co-founder of Beech Valley Solutions, the premier network that connects CPAs with freelance opportunities in advisory, assurance, and tax. Beech Valley consultants enjoy higher pay for every hour worked, the flexibility to accept or reject projects, and the ability to diversify their skill sets.

Image: iStock/jabkitticha

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