Accountants Behaving Badly: Defrauding the IRS, Stealing From School, Drunken Leadfoot

Plus, an accountant stole thousands from an ice rink construction company, and a male tax preparer who pretended to be a woman named Alyssa Jean Pipes screwed over his clients. Former state senator’s accountant convicted of tax fraud [Justice Department] John Nardozzi, an accountant for former Massachusetts senator Brian A. Joyce, was convicted on Oct. 16 […]

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A Brief Guide to Innovating Tax with Analytics

Tax functions spend more than 50% of their time gathering tax data and less than 30% of their time on strategic tax analysis. Transform your tax analytics with a solution that creates huge efficiency and productivity gains.

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The Future of
Accounting Jobs

What skills should you develop to succeed in a world with artificial intelligence? DePaul University explores the biggest challenges and opportunities for accountants, as technologies like AI, cloud computing and big data enter mainstream adoption.

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How to Write the Ultimate Job Posting

Tips, how-tos, and best practices for writing accounting job postings guaranteed to attract top accounting talent. 

This is a must have guide. 

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Maximize Your Tax Management Performance

Financial leaders are under pressure to improve  tax compliance performance — while reducing costs by increasing speed and efficiency via innovation and automation. See how best-in-class companies are meeting this challenge. 

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