• Big 4

    You Have Five Minutes with EY’s CEO Mark Weinberger…

    By | November 25, 2013

    Sometimes Life at EY means dreaming of having the big guy all to yourself:

    Would you bring up the PCAOB inspection stats? Do you give him the full troll treatment and ask if he sits or stands? Do you mention the sexy boys and their exclamation point? Are you curious about who runs the kitchen at Weinberger residence on Thanksgiving Day? You only have five minutes, so you better make them count.

    • Reasonable Assurance

      I would ask him if he owned GoingConcern.com would he implement a forum.

      • AAronBalake2

        GC likes to inconvenience everyone too much

    • Butt Yogurt

      I would tell him that he has a tight goat like Derrick Whipple

    • Barry Melancon

      I would ask him where the box of tick marks is.

    • Alum

      I really really wanted five minutes with Jim Turley. Never got it though. Never give up!!!

    • Wolf of Big 4

      I think I’d prefer 5 minutes with the chick who runs that twitter account, AM I RITE?!