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    You Can’t Blame That PwC #BallotBriefcase for Being a Germaphobe

    By | January 25, 2017

    I'm sure you've been wondering if PwC was going to revive its #BallotBriefcase gimmick for this year's Oscars and sure enough, it's getting passed around like a joint at a Dead show.

    Here's partner Brian Cullinan (aka Matt Damon) explaining the process:

    Yes, everyone wants to hold this pretty average looking briefcase that currently has nothing in it because it once held Jennifer Lawrence's name on an envelope. And that's understandable, whatever works for a marketing schtick, but thank god people are wearing gloves. I mean, look at all these people getting all handsy with this thing:

    If they didn't make people wear the gloves, by the team it reached the Dolby Theatre, that thing would be as filthy as a bathroom door knob.

    • Big4Veteran

      Holy shit this is embarrassing. #corporatepropaganda

    • BKGreed

      Wow, how lame!

    • BKGreed

      And I love the guy saying holding a briefcase is a perk?

    • Smack That

      maybe they all passed around a joint first, and THEN they got out the briefcase? I have no other explanation than that everyone who cares about this is simply high as a kite.

      • N.E.R.D.

        Or they’re just basic.

        • Smack That

          it’s that. You are correct.

    • The Horniest Partner

      Bottom pic

      • Smack That

        I detect a little racism in your horny preferences.

        • The Horniest Partner

          Let me guess, you think the white, man/woman symbols on bathroom doors is racist too.

          • Smack That

            No, that’s sexism, silly.

    • McValue Meal Audit

      Definitely the Tax department. The auditors look like Sergeant Brodie from S1E1 of Homeland.

    • sludgemonkey

      Jennifer Lawrence always is grabbing in my sack……