• Here Are Some of the Best Tweets Roasting PwC for #EnvelopeGate

    By | February 27, 2017

    As we all know by now, the 89th Academy Awards didn’t go as planned for the dynamic duo in charge of guarding the Academy’s great secret. It’s not like PwC has had 82 chances to perfect the process since they first started counting the ballots. Oh wait, it’s exactly like that.

    As expected the Twitterati erupted in jeers and sneers, with some comparing it to Enron which is just dumb because we know that Enron wasn’t PwC’s fault. Compare it to MF Global if you must, losers. Anyhoo, here are some of our nominees for Best PwC Roasts of Oscar Fail 2017. If you have one to add, do so in the comments.



    Caleb Newquist contributed to the rounding up of snarky tweets.

    • Traveling Shelley

      I am shocked there isn’t more trolling. Then again, all of working for the Big 4 probably are empathetic because it could have happened to any of us. Thank God my typo on Friday wasn’t broadcast for the world to see–it’s hard enough when one person sees a mistake let alone millions. I work for the competitor, but I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy. I hope PwC lives to laugh about it and learns the first rule in professional services is that you don’t talk about professional services.

    • The Horniest Partner

      Anyone know how much PWC charges for this gig?

      • jmorris023

        It’s free, done for publicity.