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    Tweeting a Lot About Audit Stuff Can Get You a Job at Deloitte

    By | March 12, 2014

    Ed. note: in case you are too lazy to click over and/or incapable of using professional skepticism, it's the Onion, guys.

    Are you desperate to land a Big 4 gig? You should probably start hashtagging your financial analysis:

    NEW YORK—Citing his rapidly growing social media presence and prolific, insightful takes on generally accepted accounting practices, officials from global professional services firm Deloitte announced Wednesday they had hired Boston-based accountant William Glasier shortly after noticing the 26-year-old’s highly popular tweets of financial audit calculations. “When we came across William’s @TheRealRiskAssessor Twitter account and read his incredibly smart and engaging tweets of gross margin sample reports, performance materiality numbers, and risk assessments, our jaws dropped and we asked, ‘Who is this guy?’” said Deloitte hiring manager Jennifer Lipsky, noting that Glasier’s concise, captivating posts have garnered thousands of retweets from the likes of Ernst & Young, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and consulting industry legend Dominic Barton. “We immediately thought to ourselves that if William can do such fantastic cost-volume profit analysis in just 140 characters, imagine his potential writing a full unqualified opinion of financial statements. Honestly, he’s one of the brightest accounting personalities on Twitter, so it was only a matter of time before someone snatched him up—and we’re lucky it was us.”

    Deloitte had this to say about the new hire on Twitter (which, in case you're paying attention, isn't the Onion):

    • guest

      Reddit repost

      • Twitter, actually (the Deloitte response is what gives that away). But thanks for playing.

        • PwCASSociate

          “Guest” must not be in audit

    • Unmodified bitches

      what the fuck is an ‘unqualified’ opinion?
      No wonder Deloitte does so badly on its PCAOB inspections.

      • ReasonabIe Assurance

        Not sure if serious…

      • JustAnotherCPA

        It’s an opinion that doesn’t have enough training or experience to do its job properly. Kind of like you.

      • whoops!

        serious, but poorly thought out. Was in reference to ‘clean auditor reports generally being referred to as ‘unmodified’ now instead of ‘unqualified’.
        Not my best moment. Should have drank my coffee first. I also failed to notice that this was an Onion article when I first read it. Seemed plausible enough.