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    Fighting Complacency in Accounting: A Conversation with Joey Havens, Managing Partner of Horne, LLP

    By | February 21, 2017

    The following conversation is sponsored by Horne, an Accountingfly Firm Partner.

    Last month, Horne Managing Partner Joey Havens wrote a post on how the “trusted advisor” cliche has led to complacency in the public accounting. He joins us again for a conversation to talk more about  complacency in the accounting profession and the future of client services.

    • Great interview and Joey nails it, as usual. The gravitational pull of past success is a powerful force that must be overcome if you are to move forward. And the challenge in rapidly changing times like these is that stasis or standing still is actually falling behind, faster and faster until irrelevance takes over. Joey sums it up nicely, “Another question we might ask, can we think of a place where someone will not see disruption and a growing learning curve? I find once people understand the “WHY,” they embrace the journey even when difficult. Our profession is full of incredible, talented, ambitious people with an abundance of opportunity for those who strive for it.”