• There Seems to Be Some Confusion About the Official Office Hours at Deloitte Hong Kong

    By | January 9, 2012

    Busy season probably hasn't started in earnest for many of you but many people are getting geared up. Herman Miller is getting more ass, caffeine intake is on the rise, and you're blowing off your loved ones. All signs that things are about to get real. For some people, however, forgetting about the rigor and routine of busy season is key to keeping one's sanity. This also means that when January rolls around, certain policies can be blissfully be forgotten much to the chagrin of the leaders in your office.

    That said, Deloitte Hong Kong probably doesn't adhere to the same busy season schedule as its American counterparts. Nevertheless, we were recently forwarded this photo that demonstrates the confusion that could arise in your office during this time of year.

    It's not immediately known if these are official announcements so it's unclear if there is still confusion at DTT Hong Kong. Please take the necessary passive-aggressive steps to ensure that everyone knows what is expected during this important time of year. Whatever your team decides, try not to kill yourselves.

    • 080080

      I love this picture. Right click, save…

    • Cynical CPA

      Have they not chained them all to their desks and placed banners proclaiming “Arbeit macht frei”?

    • ChiComm

      You can tell this is Hong Kong and not the main land.  Although they better get it all out now, they only have until 2047 and that type of dissent will not be tolerated

    • PwCASSociate

      Nice Engrish “longest serving partner”.

      • 123

        Wow you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking funny

        • GUESS

          cCearly someone is a little cranky about busy season. 

    • Bitter Audit Partner

      Do these guys work in that XBox factory at night?

    • L.C.F. Morningstar

      that is some awesome shit