• Summing Up Tax Policy in This Presidential Election

    By | September 10, 2012

    Tax Analysts' Chris Bergin doesn't like what he heard from Mitt Romney yesterday:

    In a taped interview, host [Meet the Press host] David Gregory repeatedly asked Romney for details of his tax plan. He ended up practically begging for just one detail – any morsel, please. He got zip, zilch, nothing. […] I can think of only one reason why Romney consistently won’t reveal the details of his tax plan. He doesn’t have any! Other than to take care of his rich friends.

    And President Obama doesn't exactly get high marks either:

    President Obama doesn’t care a lick about tax reform – which is his perogative, by the way. All he cares about is increasing taxes on the folks he thinks are rich – which actually includes a lot of middle-class households.

    Adds up to him battling nausea:

    From a tax policy standpoint, the choice we have in this upcoming presidential election makes me sick to my stomach.

    So if you're looking to vote for a Presidential candidate that will champion tax reform this fall, your best bet is to take Monty Brewster's advice.

    Where’s the Tax Plan, Man – Uh, Men? [Christopher Bergin]

    • BeezNeezCPAMBA

      Mitt doesn’t pony up any information because Congressional Dems will play the same game the Republicans did.  Our only chance is to have a Republican in the White House so Congressional Reps won’t be afraid to negotiate.

    • RedSquareBear

      Republicans aren’t afraid of Democrats. Republicans afraid of their base (and rightly so) and of getting primaried.

      This does not lead to boldness in fiscal policy.