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    Someone With Lots of Spare Time Has Doodled Big 4 Stereotypes

    By | November 8, 2013

    Like 'em or not, stereotypes exist for a reason. For example, guys like Colin are always riding around on their bicycle and using high brow words to show how obscure their compendium of knowledge is. And cat ladies like me are always sporting cat hair on our t-shirts and talking about what our cat did today.

    The word has negative connotations because it can also be used to pigeonhole certain groups of people based on things like race or age and that's not cool but that's just how the human brain works. It likes to be able to sort everything outside of ourselves, and stereotypes help it do just that. Unfortunately, stereotypes can also be something of a self-fulfilling prophesy, causing us to under-perform because we believe we aren't supposed to be good at something.

    But let's not get all science-y right now.

    Someone out there who does not want credit for this masterpiece came up with a doodle of Big 4 stereotypes. Before we let loose with the artist's interpretation, see if you understand what each is supposed to convey:

    (descriptions on next page)

    From the artist:

    PwC– was supposed to be a little stuck up/snobbish, looking down on everyone, but he is short, making him just look silly
    Deloitte– jock (I guess bro works too!)
    EY– hipster [Note the uncanny similarity to Colin down to the glasses and intentionally unkempt hair]
    KPMG– gamer/comic nerd, also sort of a wanna be hipster (thus the sideways glance at EY)
    GT– is the little sister who wants to fit in with the cool kids, a little left behind; she also sort of symbolizes the lack of women presence in upper-level roles

    NAILED IT. Although who authorized Deloitte guy to come to work in shorts and a tank top? Oh well.

    • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

      Deloitte one is dead on. So is GT. Having worked at both, gold star to the artist, whoever they are. Is it bad that this kind of makes me want to work for KPMG?

    • CurvatureOfTheEarth

      I hope the artist is better at auditing than they are at drawing.

      • Caleb Newquist

        Bob Moritz?

      • Fbam67

        This comment anonymously hates on someone for a skill the commenter likely doesn’t have. A critic with no room to talk. A stereotype GC comment, if you will.

        • CurvatureOfTheEarth

          You’re right, I can’t draw. Though, judging by the picture, neither can they.

          Also, that’s “stereotypical”, not “stereotype”.

    • CitizenSouth

      In the Southeast at least, you gotta switch EY and Deloitte.

      • guest

        Ya it’s hard to put labels on such large firms, personalities seem to vary office-to-office and region-to-region.

    • Guest

      This is shockingly accurate, particularly for the northeast. Having interviewed with all 4 firms, this cartoon is right on the money about firm culture in the big 4 here.

    • RahRude

      I can’t believe this is on here. I know the girl who drew this. Perfection.

    • I’d rather meow as guest

      So what did your cats do today?

    • Bros

      Looks like Deloitte is skipping leg day.

      • Reasonable Assurance

        Do you even lift, bro?

    • The Horniest Partner

      I am I the only one who thinks the GT girl is hot? Petite, tiny waiste, skinny legs.

    • Oblivious

      I don’t get it.

    • snowy


      1) they all look the same, and THAT is the point
      2) they are all dudes, with a “little sister” trying to join them.

    • Petersen

      Well… I wonder how this is going to change now that PwC is looking to buy Booz (pun intended).

    • aw2046

      I go to a school in a midsize market where Deloitte is the only Big4 presence. At least in our local office that stereotype is dead on, everyone knows the office is basically a fraternity, and God help you if you’re a woman who’s trying to get a position there, because it’s not gonna happen (no matter how qualified you are).

      • Guest

        If you are a woman – prove them wrong! I had to when I started in an all male professional office of a Big8 firm. You can do it and break the culture of the fraternity. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

    • Big4Guru

      More like KPMG should have a beer, and beard from not having time to put the beers down and shave… drunks