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    Some Big 4 Alumni Just Can’t Quit Their Old Firms

    By | October 7, 2014

    And it's actually 20% for partners, principals and executive directors, according to article

    Then there's this gem from KPMG:

    Each year, 10 percent to 15 percent of KPMG's 4,500 "experienced new hires" are actually rehires — or boomerangs, as they are commonly called. [Executive Director of Experienced Hire Recruiting Eileen] Raymond believes former employees are enthusiastic about rejoining the professional-services firm because there's a "great buzz" about its new initiatives.

    We've said it before, we'll say it again: You can always go back. And apparently quite a few people do.

    Coming Home [HR Execuitve Online]

    • TracyMorgan


    • BrokebackMountain

      In other words – “I wish I knew how to quit you”


    • germaine

      This should be well known to anyone working at one of the big 4. However, in terms of “you can always go back” I’m not sure if it’s for other reasons but the only boomerangs I tend to see are those that went to another big 4 firm.

    • Big4Veteran

      Another reason I think the firms like boomerangs is because they tend to wash out at a lower rate than other experienced hires. Boomerangs know what they’re getting themselves into.

      • Guest

        “Boomerangs know what they’re getting themselves into.”

        Frankly, they didn’t have anywhere else to go. Or they didn’t have the skill set to survive outside the firm.

    • 080080

      You don’t understand… PwC only makes me work 80 hours a week because it loves me.

      Deloitte really does love me… it just loses its temper sometimes.

      • keepin_it_real

        “Deloitte really does love me… it just loses its temper sometimes.”

        Janay Palmer said the same thing about her husband after she got knocked out by him.

    • JessterCPA

      I’m back with the firm I started out of college with. Worked there 9 years, left for 7, back there now for almost 3.

    • Guest

      The Fantasy:
      * Leaving at 5:00pm every day with no guilt
      * 20-40% bonuses
      * Being valued by your employer
      * Doing interesting things, surrounded by interesting people
      * Being next in line for promotion

      The Reality:
      * 60 hour weeks one week a month
      * 2-4% raises
      * Being seen as useless overhead by your employer
      * The most stimulating thing going on around you is the fucking thermostat wars by people who are too stupid to be trusted with anything more important
      * Waiting for someone to die so you can move up, only to have someone brought in over your head