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    The Second CPA Exam Score Release for the Q3 Testing Window Is Today

    By | August 25, 2015

    If you took a section of the CPA exam on or before August 14th and have been dreaming of adding three letters to your business card, today could be a very big day.

    After spending weeks and months ignoring loved ones, allowing pets to defecate indoors, canceling vacations, forgoing sleep, missing out on hate-watching True Detective Season 2, sobbing to yourself while friends and colleagues enjoy their summer like normal human beings, etc. etc. you may need to vent.

    Please consider this to be a safe place and take the opportunity to express yourselves appropriately.

    • notassmartastheintern

      Probably could’ve gotten away with less studying, but hey! enjoy your extra 11 points.

    • TurtlyEnough

      Nice work, congrats

    • MWCPA

      Hoping this gif is applicable for someone out there.

    • GoodLuckE

      First exam, passed REG with an 80.

      Studied about 10 hours a week for 2 months. Crammed a bunch of MC questions 2 days before exam, didn’t focus on sims.

    • liEYr

      CPA or DOA

    • SouthernCPA

      They are turning around grades in as few as 11 days?

      Tell me again why all the candidates are complaining about score release dates?

    • RVA_CPA (Almost)

      Found out I got a 99 on AUD! My wife was excited, but then upset because of all the times I said I couldn’t do something because I had to study…

      • N.E.R.D.

        She should be upset; you did waste your time that could have been spent with her.