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    SEC Division of Economic and Risk Analysis Also Offers Respectable Twitter Chops

    By | July 31, 2017

    A few weeks back, we shared some of the witty banter from the SEC Fort Worth Twitter account.

    But then, late last week, we were referred to the SEC Division of Economic and Risk Analysis’s account, and it turns out, they’re holding their own. The account was created back in March but they seem to be a quick study. These are the four most recent tweets:

    (and there’s another Han Solo appearance)

    And then this beauty from earlier in July.

    I hope Fort Worth and DERA’s example rubs off on some of the other more staid regulator accounts. I’m not holding my breath for Enforcement to lighten up, though.

    [via Matt Kelly]

    • Big4Veteran

      This is a good Going Concern post. I enjoyed reading it.

      • Branden

        I too greatly enjoyed reading this exceptionally humorous Going Concern post.