• Quote of The Day: The IRS Follows the Law, When They Can

    By | September 10, 2014

    Today, IRS Commissioner Koskinen painted a clear picture of how the IRS plans on “overseeing” billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies. When asked by Health Subcommittee Chairman Brady if the IRS would be following the law and collecting taxpayer dollars that went to people who were not eligible, Koskinen simply said, “Wherever we can, we follow the law.” [House Ways and Means Committee]

    • Big4Veteran

      As opposed to private industry, who breaks the law whenever they can.

      • Reasonable Assurance

        Go on..

      • Right, but private industry is prosecuted far more than gov’t agencies for law breaking. And I’m not forced to give my money to law breaking private companies (excluding when pols give them my money in return for favors).

      • PrivateIndustry

        Of course! We most certainly can not be incompetent like those government trained monkeys in the IRS. Otherwise, we would be out of business.

        [oozing with sarcasm if it was not obvious and “monkeys” is what my Director of Internal Audit calls the IRS agents]

    • BasisPoints

      Maybe if they didn’t keep cutting the IRS budget, they actually COULD go after fraudsters…

      • Jack

        IRS just announced it is going after the Tech industry for it’s “generous” free meal policy. The country’s deficit problem will definitely be solved with all the money they will collect from that effort!! Maybe the IRS should spent the budget it has going after real fraud.

        • reader

          That’s a nice straw man you have there.

      • You mean the ones running the agency?