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    PwC’s New Los Angeles Office to Have Walking Workstations That Will Mostly Collect Dust

    By | October 5, 2012

    PwC is moving into some new office space in Los Angeles next spring and, naturally, everyone is pretty stoked. There's nothing like trading in your taupe cubicle walls for some new taupe cubicle walls. But with any luck, the bathrooms will be equipped with those toilets that sound like a jet engine when they're flushed.

    But really, it's great for the entire community and L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is just as excited as anyone:

    "The City of Los Angeles is thrilled that PwC has committed to stay and grow in Downtown LA," said Mayor Villaraigosa. "PwC is a global leader, and I'm delighted that the firm will continue its long legacy serving some of Los Angeles' most prominent and successful companies while continuing their longstanding history of being an upstanding corporate citizen. Having PwC's logo atop of its new building will make a great addition to the Los Angeles skyline, and we're looking forward to their presence in Downtown for years to come."
    A fancy new home with prominent signage and the mayor's ringing endorsement? This is all great news for the PwC office who, if you haven't heard, HAS TABULATED THE BALLOTS FOR THE ACADEMY AWARDS FOR 79 YEARS.  
    But much like the Atlanta office, whose new decor was reviewed by our very own leopard-print connoisseur, the L.A. office is aware that not everyone is able to get away from the office during the busiest times of the year to get some much need exercise: 
    As another sign of how PwC is responding to how today's employees work, when the build-out is completed, staff will have access to walking workstations to promote a healthy lifestyle and interactive cafes with lounge areas and 70'' video systems to provide an area for social gatherings and team meetings.
    This is especially useful for those of you that just can't bear the thought of not meeting your chargeable hours goals but are desperate to fight off paralysis caused by atrophy. Or simply need a place to hang your jacket.
    [via PwC]
    • El Pollo Loco

      Hmm, I wonder what a group of sweaty auditors will smell like on a Saturday in the office? Do the stations only allow you to walk or can you turn up the speed? Would love to put a good looking intern on there and watch them do the Baywatch run…

    • Guest

      some LA PwCers finally won’t have to tell clients they work in the Deloitte building.

    • Señora de la limpieza

      Tengo un problema con el titular.

    • Josh_Him

      Dummest idea ever!

    • Josh_Him


    • PDub

      The San Jose office already has these and let’s just say I’ve never seen them used by staff…

    • Guest

      Detroit will have these too, starting in December!

    • $19577774

      Attention PwC employees: When you get a shitty raise at the end of this year, it won’t have anything to do with all the money spent on these new office designs. It will be for a more logical and necessary reason.*  So don’t get all pissy when you receive the news.

      * The partners took a huge pay increase.

    • Guest

      Deloitte LA already has these — and they go completely unused AFAIK

    • Bremerd1