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    PwC US Admits 226 New Partners and Principals

    By | June 3, 2016

    For the last several years, we've enjoyed announcing the new PwC partners in these pages. We've always managed to spoil the surprise but this year, it seems that the firm has beat us to the punch, rolling out the 2016 class on their website along with headshots, market, home office and line of service. We don't mind that they shared the news first, frankly, they should've been doing it this way all along. In fact, they threw up last year's class for good measure.

    I don't know of any other firms (Big 4 or otherwise) that announce their partners in this fashion, so until they do, drop us your firm's list when they're announced internally.

    In any case, there are 226 partners in this year's class. The size of each class has grown every year except one since Going Concern started covering partner promotions. There were 201 partners in the 2015 class, 180 in 2014, 157 in 2013, 165 in 2012, 136 in 2011, and 83 in 2010.

    Here are some numbers:

    • The New York office had the most new partners with 47, followed by Chicago with 20 and Boston with 18. Dallas and Atlanta round out the top 5 with 15 and 14 respectively.
    • The line of service breakdown is: Assurance: 86; Tax: 71; Advisory: 68; Internal Firm Services: 1.
    • 44% of this year's class are women and minorities.

    Congratulations to all the new PwC partners and principals. Now the real fun begins, right?

    • So are there any regular contributors on here who are celebrating this evening? Or are there some regulars who are crying at the thought of missed opportunities?

      • accountingforlove

        I am waiting for the list to load and wondering if there are any of my college classmates on the list to remind me of the twists and turns and lack of talent that has held my own career back.

        • You probably find it has nothing to do with talent but the ability to win business.

          • accountingforlove

            Having learned my own strengths and weaknesses, I would agree.

          • iamthelolrus

            Ability to win business is obviously a talent

            • This is what I’ve found in UK based accountancy firms and no doubt, applies in the US. Once you hit Director in Advisory, a large proportion of the job is BD. Sure, there may be some people and client management but what I can tell, it’s winning business that counts.

            • iamthelolrus

              Right, I was mostly protesting your point “nothing to do with talent.” It’s just a different skillset than what you’ve been doing the rest of your career, but clearly still very much talent.

    • Big4Star

      EY promoted 195 Partners/Principals…

      51 Advisory
      62 Assurance
      2 Core Business
      29 TAS
      51 Tax

      • PWC Prick


    • dumpus

      Miles Everson: “And with the 3rd pick of the 2nd round of the 2016 Partner Draft – PWC selects Mohib Yousufani, Advisory – Chicago.”

      [audience goes wild!!!!]

      Caleb Newquist: “I think this is a wonderful pickup by PWC, and he fulfills a crucial spot in their diversity depth chart. He’s tenacious, none of his staff have under 95% utilization even outside of busy season, and best of all – he’s in the Central time zone, which mean’s that he’s at a full hour advantage over his east coast colleagues when responding to the needs of his west coast clients. During the Partner Combine, Yousufani was able to fire off emails from his Blackberry from his left hand, rock some Angry Birds on his personal iPhone with his right hand, and simultaneously forward back a 17th revision to a Powerpoint slide deck to a staffer from the ol’ corporate Thinkpad. Talk about flexibility! Blake?”

      Blake Oliver: “Right you are Caleb!!! Other key attributes include some clutch early male-pattern baldness that just screams ‘distinguished professional’, as well as a family dog that barks at him like a home invader every night when he comes home from the office. You just can’t teach that kind of dedication to the job, Caleb – that’s some good old-fashioned commitment to what really matters in life! KPMG is now on the clock, so stay tuned for more action after this word from our sponsors!”

      • The Horniest Partner

        Do Philadelphia fans get to throw batteries at their picks?
        My top 3:
        1. Mary Clark
        2. Crystal Finklestein
        3. April Estes

    • John Galt

      Do Indian guys count as diversity at this point? They seem to be a bit over represented (way more so than white males as a % of the population). I count 2 black people.

      • The Horniest Partner

        Indians pretty low down on the diversity hierarchy (ie who has the loudest voice when “offended”). On the other hand, transgender has come out of nowhere to move up high on the hierarchy.

      • Adam Hill

        My analysis shows a population of 1.27B in India vs 321M here. 4 to 1 assuming the same male/female ratio. The 4 major pro sports need more diversity, Name me one pro athlete from India.

        • peakfreak

          The entire Indian Premier League (Cricket). Considering Cricket and Soccer have wayyy more fans than Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey, I’d say that the 4 major sports have some catching up to do.