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    Talking About Race, Mega Lawsuits, That Oscars Screw-up and More: A Conversation With PwC’s Tim Ryan

    By | June 22, 2017

    Most people would look at the year PwC Chairman and Senior Partner Tim Ryan has had and think, “That’s rough.” After two killings of black men by police officers and the killing of 5 Dallas police officers last summer, Ryan told Fortune in February that he scrapped his plans and, “got the team together and asked what they thought we should say or do about what was happening.” Ultimately, he decided everyone at PwC needed to start having an open and honest conversation about race. He had been leading the firm for one week.

    A couple of settled multi-billion dollar lawsuits and one jaw-dropping moment at the biggest event in show business later, you might expect him to be a little worse for wear. But he’s also spearheading the newly-formed CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion and announced the appointment of the first two independent directors to PwC’s Board of Governors. This is the same guy who co-hosted Thanksgiving dinner for PwC employees who couldn’t travel for the holiday. He smiles easily. He’s the guy next door with six kids. And now he’s here on Going Concern to talk about a bunch of stuff. It should be fun. And, who knows, maybe a little awkward!

    • RG7

      Speaker Tim Ryan.

      Spewing bullshit while underhandedly cutting raises, cutting health benefits, forcing partners into early retirement, mandating an increase of outsourcing by 40% to cut new jobs, laying off admin staff so nobody had support to do fun events or even resources to ask anyone questions (one HR person for 3000 people! They care!).

      Tim Ryan is so out of touch he doesn’t understand there’s about to be a mass exodus of high performing staff because his retarded plan to cut headcount is just going to cut the quality performers, not the under utilized coasters who you don’t want and don’t want to work anyway. Best metrics I’ve seen at PWC this year and the lowest raises and bonuses I’ve seen on a while.

      Only Tim Ryan would think going on goingconcern, a nearly dead website nowadays would be good coverage.

      Tim Ryan doesn’t give a fuck about black people. He spends time toting diversity while cutting salaries.

      Tim Ryan, hiring minorities then having a meeting to ask how they feel so you can go market it internally and externally and riding that meeting for a year in marketing doesn’t mean you give a fuck about minoorities. If you gave a fuck about minoorities you wouldn’t have spent the last year fucking your staff over
      Your global people survey results are in; you’re a fucking tool.

      • Point and Clique

        Hear, hear. Tiered high this year and got half the raise percentage my peers did 3-4 years ago. No one gives a fuck about bean bag couches for millennials in our new office. Pay us.

        • N.E.R.D.

          Wait a second. I thought they paid you in prestigious gold star resume points which is supposed to more than make up for the less than median pay levels.

        • Tim Ryan

          Those bean bag couches cost me $1,000 a piece. I think they’re staying

          • PWC Prick

            That’s what she said!

      • Tim Ryan

        Guess what? I’m cutting everyones pay next year so that I can get a bigger bonus. Don’t like it? Go work for Grant Thornton

      • Tim Ryan

        I’m just a rich white guy $$. Deal with it

      • Ledgerman

        Exodus to where? I see clients making similar cuts, even though their metrics are fantastic, as you say.

    • Point and Clique

      He got showed the fuck up yesterday by Deloitte giving everyone $500 gift cards. While the praise from D’s mewling, subservient 20-something first-year fuck-ups was pathetic, it still made PwC look like the fucking IMF given the austerity as of late. I’ve never seen morale this low, especially at my office, which canceled/”optimized” some of its usual annual events. Our promotion day was a straight up drag, and virtually everyone from my service line skipped the second-half of the day.

      And yeah RG7 — fuck GDM. My own teams and every other team in CIPS are all coming up with extreme bullshit just for farming hours because the partners and national are so fucking obsessed with it. It’s like public accounting has just now discovered outsourcing, 25 years after the rest of the business world figured it out. My latest team is even having GDM upload the fucking Connect request PBC list (the Excel template), which any idiot can do in 5 minutes, just for desperate hours. One step forward, one thousand steps back.

      • Big4Veteran

        I can’t believe they’re still doing that outsourcing thing. I thought it was a dumb idea when they first started pushing it like 10 years ago. Expected that it would crash and burn within a year or two, and then they would abandon it. Gotta admire PWC’s dedication to a stupid idea though. I guess when you’ve invested enough time and money into something, its hard to admit failure and walk away.

        On one hand, PWC talks about audit quality and wanting to differentiate themselves from the competition on something other than audit fees. On the other hand, they want to outsource as much audit work as possible to shit holes like India where the employees (slaves?) have no relationship or vested interest in the individual client, and they are paid to do the minimum quality work acceptable.

        • keepin_it_real

          In fairness to PwC, all the big 4 have outsource shitholes in India.

        • Nuhammad Irfan

          Sadly that’s the future every B4 are heading.

      • Biff Tannen

        Our KPMG auditors at my private company were hamstrung by being forced to give busy work to outsourcers, then having to wait for them to complete it. They seemed very frustrated and it slowed down their audit.

    • Big4Blowhard

      Tim Ryan’s a crook.

      • PWC Prick

        This guy would love a return of the Brosephs!

    • Big4Blowhard

      You forgot to ask Tim Ryan for his opinion on the fact that so many of his employees think he’s a total dick for giving his hard working employees shitty raises.

      • I_LIHTC_ur_Mom

        But if he pays all of you less; that lowers the income inequality gap? Bringing the peons at PwC slightly more in-line with the rest of the peons of America (despite the fact they have 150 cr. hrs+ of college education, are professionally licensed, and work WAY harder)

        Tim Ryan is a man of action just like his more conservative (brother?) Paul Ryan

    • Big4Veteran

      At least he called you Caleb. #progress

      • Caleb Newquist

        Tim’s solid like that.

    • Adam Hill

      This guy seems legit.

    • Tim Ryan

      To everyone:

      Thank you all for the feedback. Please redirect any further issues to HR at 1-800-FUCK-OFF.


      • PWC Prick

        I hope the greatest GC commenter of all time, AaronBalake, returns to take on this troll!!!!!

    • Commando

      What a suckup Caleb. You could interview Trump.

    • Biff Tannen

      I sense a lot of bitterness, but you guys need to BUY IN. REALIZE how good you have it! As one partner said, “Just remember that WORKS comes first in the phrase ‘work/life balance'”.

    • Nuhammad Irfan

      TBH I have never understood how PwC handle auditing, for the following reasons (at least in my country):

      a. They always ask for highest audit fees
      b. Go crazy when things are not going as expected (one client said during PwC audit they had to do SO twice because a box was sent customer during 1st SO, like wtf?!
      c. Always ask for shitload of audit sample, that we know isn’t going material anyway.
      d. While making the client’s accountant do all the reporting work

      • RG7

        You really don’t understand?

        It’s a hoax, dude. It’s total bullshit. they do all that shit so they can oversell their important and jack up fees.

    • sludgemonkey

      PwC such a sweat shop it reminds me of Indonesian sweat shops collating garbage bags