• It’s a Safe Bet That a Few People Knew That Saying “PwC Is a Bunch of Morons” Would Get Them Out of Jury Duty

    By | March 7, 2017

    This Associated Press report chronicles the first two days in the trial between the bankruptcy trustee of MF Global Holdings and PwC. The story is fine, a classic example of AP reporting, but two sentences make it truly remarkable (and thus worthy of our pages here):

    What was originally a highly technical case newsworthy mostly because it involved the former governor of New Jersey has garnered additional interest after the negative publicity PwC received regarding its handling of the Oscars. U.S. District Court Judge Victor Marrero had to dismiss several potential jurors on Monday after those persons claimed to have “strong feelings or opinions” about PwC.

    Sure, one or two of these potential jurors could’ve been former PwC employees who got worked into the ground. And sure, maybe there was one or two KPMG executives who harbor grudges about the partner poaching that’s gone on over the years.

    But it’s also just as likely that a few people who weren’t keen to sit on jury for five weeks made the snap decision to write: “How do you screw up handing someone an envelope? IDIOTS!” on their questionnaire.


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    • Big4Veteran

      But seriously, is it not reasonable that PwC’s spectacular fuck up at the Oscars would influence the opinions that non-accountants have of PwC just a week after the Oscars? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if PwC’s damaged reputation resulting from the Oscars played even a small role in a massive jury verdict against PwC?

      Many people would then need to revise their earlier assertions that the Oscars fuck up would have no lasting impact on the firm.

    • Big4Veteran

      P.S. If I were a non-accountant who knew nothing about PwC other than that a partner handed out the wrong envelope at the Oscars because he was distracted by tweeting a photo of Emma Stone… I could totally see this influencing my perception of PwC when determining whether the partners fucked up the MF Global audit. I mean, the MF Global audit had to be a lot more complex than handing out envelopes at the Oscars, right? And if a PwC senior partner couldn’t even hand out the envelopes right…

    • Oscars, MF Global and Caterpillar. PwC is not having a good year so far.