Going Concern March Madness: Busy Season Survival -- Food & Beverage vs. Technology

For the last two seasons, Going Concern March Madness pitted accounting firms against each other to decide just which firm was the coolest in this fair land. Sadly, we have decided to end this exercise. It was a good (?) run but has been exhausted for reasons that include: 1) a Rothstein Kass three-peat was not something anyone was prepared to endure and 2) the underlying premise of the bracket was based in fantasy or, dare I say, complete bullshit. Does this mean that Vault's annual prestige ranking has lost all purpose? That's not for me to say. 

NEVERTHELESS. It is March. March means you must spend several minutes, perhaps hours, and even days consulting brackets. And here at Going Concern, that means the end of one average-to-below-average pointless accounting-related bracket giving way to a newer, average-to-slightly-above-average pointless accounting-related bracket. 

This year we wanted to offer you a battle royale that gets right to the soul of the accounting community. The thing that has consumed your lives the past two months. The thing that may be consuming your life right this very second -- busy season.

How each of you survives this stressful time of year requires an intricate strategy that requires a combination of sustenance and productivity tools and very little sleep. Therefore, we have pitted Food & Beverage against Technology in the ultimate battle of your busy season survival. 

You'll want to track this carefully, so download this PDF, fill in your selections, tape them to your wall, loudly criticize your colleagues' selections, and then get to voting. 

Speaking of voting, we're getting right to it. We'll start with the top half of the bracket today getting to the bottom half tomorrow. Polls for today's match-ups will close on Saturday and tomorrow's on Sunday. Then we'll pick up the second round early next week. Ready? Let's do this.