The Accountant's Definitive Guide to LinkedIn

The business savvy social network LinkedIn can actually help you land a better job than the one you call home right now. I’m sure some of you have actually used it to help you find a job, in which case I hope you share your triumphs with the rest of us.
We’ve covered the importance of LinkedIn here (and here) (and here) before, but since the site has been enhanced so much in recent memory, it’s worth revisiting. Before I get into some of the features of LinkedIn that you should be taking advantage of, let’s get your profile polished up first.
The Importance of Your Profile
What you decide to make of your profile is up to you. It can be as active as your 2006 MySpace profile and just be another place on the Interwebs that collects dust, much like your “foodie” blog you started with your girlfriends after your 7th drunk brunch in as many weekends. Or you could actually use it to stay on top of job postings, industry news, and where your public buddies have gone since jumping ship. 
Remember: Everything on your profile acts as a searchable keyword. This is important to remember when you are listing details about your work experience. If you are trying to make yourself more visible to potential employers or recruiters, it is important to include relevant industry terms in your profile. More on this later. 
Profile Picture
Yes, LinkedIn is a “social” network and yes, it was “funny” when you wore a Borat-like onesie to your bud’s Vegas pool party, but that doesn’t mean the full-frontal shot deserves to be your profile picture on LinkedIn (or anywhere for that matter). If you are posting a picture (and I think you should) it should be more of a headshot than anything else. Recently promoted to manager and had your photo taken? Great, slap it up on LinkedIn too. A decent yet professional shot is the first step in humanizing your profile. Here’s a quick screenshot of some interns who are ahead of the curve:









Unsurprisingly, these photos are more professional than what’s going on over at KPMG these days.

Moving on!