The Accountant's Definitive Guide to Building a Successful Résumé

With recruiting season in full swing, it’s time to dust off your résumé and revamp it. If you are a staff member, chances are your résumé still lists you as being in college. That needs to change.

Everything you need to know to put together a successful résumé can be found here. It’s important to remember that every HR recruiter and headhunter is different, but the basics are covered here in enough detail to get you started.

The Header
Keep it straightforward and professional. Like so:
Name: Use the name that you go by at work. If your name is Jonathan Henry Lithstein III but your boss knows you as Jon Lithstein, use this. You will use your proper name on employment applications, background check forms, etc. When the HR rep calls you to set up an interview you want them using the name you’d prefer to be called around the office.
Email Address: By now you should have moved on from your address. Your email address on your résumé should reflect the name at the top of your résumé or a variation of it (e.g.;; If you have a popular name chances are the obvious choices will be taken. Try putting your last name first, using a middle initial, or periods in between names.  
Also, I recommend creating an email address just for your job search. This is a great idea if you are like me and you receive 37 mailing list emails before breakfast. Setting up a new email address and adding it to your smartphone is simple; it also enables you to set up different alerts on your phone. Having a new message alert every time you receive something to your job search account will keep you on top of communication. 
Phone Number: List your cell phone. This is 2013, people. Make sure you have a professional greeting message, and for the love of God get rid of your P. Diddy ringback tone from 2007. 

Address: It is a good idea to list your mailing address if you are applying for positions local to you. If you are applying to opportunities in another city, it is best to leave your address off. I’ll explain how you address this issue in the next section. If you are concerned about privacy, leave it off altogether.

Certifications: List no more than two next to your name. You will highlight everything on your résumé, but you don’t need your certifications list to be longer than your name at the top.