Worried my big 4 internship offer will be revoked.

By | March 19, 2018

I accepted an offer from a big 4 company last semester, however, I am currently struggling in one of my major related classes, and it is possible that I won’t pass. This semester has been tolling on me as I am balancing a few honors courses along with two of my majors “weed-out classes”. Additionally, my girlfriend had been lying about attending school and dropped out but didn’t tell anyone so that created a very stressful environment. Anyways, in one of Enterprise class, our first exam was 10 questions but the last one was 60% of the grade. Unfortunately for me I got ill with the flu and missed the class where we learned how to do this step of the exam and when I asked people in the class about what I missed no one said anything about this very crucial step. This left me with a 40% in the class, and after the second exam, I have been able to boost my overall grade to a 65%. I am worried that I may not pass or will get a C at best. Wednesday is the withdraw deadline so, I am contemplating withdrawing. Does anyone know if my offer will be revoked because of a failed class or withdraw?

For some background, I currently have a 3.6 GPA and I am in the honors college.