Tax vs Investment Ops. Career Switch

By | March 27, 2018

I am currently considering a position with a prestigious Non-Profit as an associate of investment operations, but I am debating whether this is a good decision or not. I have 2.5yrs of experience in tax, mostly corporate, and this new role would drift away from that 100%. I am a quick learner, so the new tasks are not really the problem, but what I am more worried about is my career in the future. I have zero experience with investments, and it seems like this role would mainly focus on the presentation of these assets on financials (which I also have no experience with). My question to any of you that have experience in this field, do you think it may be easy to find jobs with a similar background in the future in case I may have to relocate (military family)? Are roles in investment operations popular out there? Just looking for advice as to whether or not to switch away from tax.