Switch to Internal Audit

By | February 7, 2018

I have a BS in accounting and earned the 150 credit hours back in 2014. Since then I’ve been unable to land a role at a public firm. Most B4 offices in my city hire straight out of college, and most local firms hire only B4 drop outs. I’ve been wasting away at a payroll provider for years

I have a lead on a job at a mid-sized company looking for an internal auditor. The hiring manager mentioned I would need to be a “little familiar with SOX”. The job posting only asks for a BS in accounting and doesn’t mention a CPA license. I clearly don’t handle SOX compliance in my day to day, but I am familiar with the basics of the law.

My question is, what level of knowledge constitutes being a “little familiar with SOX” relative to a CPA’s level of knowledge on the subject?