Is Leaving After 2 Busy Seasons A Resume Killer?

By | April 14, 2018

I just finished my second audit busy season at Big 4 and have been talking to recruiters since February. I have a lead on a job that sounds really interesting, it’s a Senior Accountant role with a small holding company (~100-200 people). The pay is 70-75 (1st year senior in my office is around 65). I like this role because it would be about 60-80% finance (operational focused reporting instead of financial, operational decision making, etc.) and the rest would be accounting based (financial reporting, internal controls, etc.), but you would learn to do every role in the accounting department. The company has subsidiaries in a lot of different industries which I like because it seems like that variety of experience would help my resume if i decided it wasn’t the right place for me later.

Another consideration I took into account when I decided to leave this summer was the fact that this year I will only be on government and private clients, no public clients. I thought that wouldn’t help my resume much.

I’m just wodnering if:

1) It will look bad on my resume that I went from Big 4 to a small company?

2) If I can expect 70-75 leaving this summer, how much different would it be if i stayed for a senior busy season?