3ish hours until I get my score

By | September 18, 2017

This isn’t really a question. I’m just trying to kill time and somehow possibly keep my mind off of the fact that my REG score will be posted online in about 3 hours (I know, GC is probably the worst place to be if I’m trying to avoid accounting, hah).

I’ve aced my other 3 CPA exams each on the first try and all in the 90s in less than a year (I was trying for the EWS award, but now #idgaf and just want to pass REG, and I really struggled with the new 2017 exam format, so if I even passed, it’s doubtful I made it any higher than the 80s, but I will throw a damned party if I got even a 75).

I am so close that I can taste the finish line (minus the state ethics exam, but that doesn’t worry me), but yet I feel like it’s all some cosmic joke and that I am going to fail miserably. Things have been relatively easy thus far (before the exam changed), and I can’t help but think it’s been TOO easy…

NASBA hasn’t helped matters with their countdown clock of doom. I’m not normally a super anxious person, but I feel like I’m losing my mind for the next three hours.

I need a drink. Who’s with me? A drink to CPA hell!

All of this for three letters and a shitty little bonus that’s taxed up the ass (I mean yeah, career trajectory and yadda yadda, too).

Recalling your scores, were your gut instincts about passing/failing spot on, way off, or completely speculative and without pattern? Did you score where you thought you did each time, or were you ever surprised (positively or negatively) by your results?