• NJSCPA Wants You to Sum Up Tax Season in Six Words

    By | April 23, 2014

    Oh, this should be good:

    In an effort to alleviate some of the annual stress and anguish associated with tax season, the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA) asked CPAs to sum up tax season in just six words and post on NJSCPA social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some of the more enlightening, as well as colorful, postings were:

    • Three months of neglected household chores
    • Someday clients will send complete information
    • Taxing mentally, physically, emotionally, literally (lol)
    • I learned something new every day
    • How does Obamacare impact my taxes?
    • I really need a new career
    • State tax agencies need better technology
    • We prepared. We e-filed. We’re done
    • Can I claim my precious dog?
    • To deduct or not to deduct?
    • I want out of this madness

    Please refrain from trolling NJSCPA on Facebook with your more enlightening and undoubtly colorful ideas, just stick to the comments.

    • Tax season is of the devil

      They had to limit the commentary to six words..to avoid endless rants of anger, depression, frustration, and paranoia.

      • Anon

        My six: Anger, depression, frustration, paranoia, sleeplessness, shit.

        • guest

          Sounds like the symptoms of IBS brought on by tax season. Better get that checked out.

    • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

      Other professionals don’t G.A.F. How about those 6?

    • Another exKPMGer

      NJSCPA needs a new marketing strategy.

    • JessterCPA

      See you in Atlantic City Adrienne?

    • Public Grunt

      I don’t do taxes….. I audit.

      • Public Grunt

        And as a follow up…… I audit financials, not tax returns.

    • OG MickeyG

      “Busy season sucks big donkey balls.”

    • Phuntime

      Where the *** is my refund?