• Millennials Just Want Some Peace and F’n Quiet at Work Already

    By | July 13, 2016

    Among the many stereotypes thrust upon Millennials is their overwhelming desire to be collaborative. For Millennial begrudgers, the sight of a chattering team of 20/30-somethings is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    However! A recent survey from Oxford Economics found that actually Millennials would like everyone to buzz off so they could get some work done:

    The advisory firm surveyed more than 1,200 workers across industries about what the most important factors are in a healthy work environment. “The ability to focus and work without interruptions” was ranked #1 most important by 29% or respondents, while amenities (including free food) was selected by 0% of respondents.

    But a full 50% of surveyed millennials (around 300 people) said it bothered them, significantly higher than for other groups. They’re also more likely to take steps to tune out the chatter, like listening to music or leaving their desks, which in turn increases their productivity and happiness in the office.

    "See these headphones? They mean, 'Get lost. I'm working. Yes, working. I probably wouldn't get anything done without them.'"


    • Why Can’t I Post as a Guest?

      The reason 0% of millennials picked free food is because Boomer’s idea of a team lunch is Papa John’s. That isn’t going to be considered important to a healthy work environment.

    • CPA Judoka

      I would totally pick free food. I have walked 7 blocks from a client back to the head office just for the busy season free food lol

    • Nailin4Palin

      All true. All we want is decent compensation and security when we are doing our job’s well. Those have been, and always will be the predominant concerns of any generation. All CEO’s should be put on notice – stop the BS. Also, we like cubes with privacy, believe it or not.