Meet This Firm: Ryan & Wetmore, PC

By | 1 month ago

Meet This Firm is a series of video interviews featuring the best accounting employers across the United States for high performing accounting professionals and CPAs. Please enjoy this sponsored post courtesy of Ryan & Wetmore, an Accountingfly Firm Partner. Please contact Judy Schryver to learn more about firm partnerships.

A smaller firm in the Washington D.C. market, Ryan & Wetmore has the kind of high-level work and personal feel many accountants value. Senior manager Tessa Lucero-Bennett, who started at a Big-4 and then moved to private industry before finding a “home” at the firm 8 years ago, says “I followed the traditional plan for accounting graduates: start at a firm, get the experience you need and move on to a corporation where you’ll have better work-life balance. Well, that’s not always the way it is in the real world. My time at Ryan & Wetmore, a 50-person firm, is more rewarding than I ever would have imagined.”

Yasmin Moinuddin, a staff accountant who came to the firm from Canada two years ago, echoes Tessa’s sentiment. “The vibe at Ryan & Wetmore is so different from the Big 4 I was at in Canada. I’m me, Yasmin, and not a number. I can work from home when I need to. We have three offices, so I meet and work with different people. The work is interesting. Plus, I didn’t know a lot of people when I first came to D.C. Now I have lots of friends. It’s been great.”

Ryan & Wetmore has a reputation for doing quality work in many industries, but is best known for its expertise in government contracts, construction and health care. Both Tessa and Yasmin say the work is varied and interesting.

“It’s a learning environment,” says Tessa, “where you are rewarded for working hard and being entrepreneurial.”

“Yes,” added Yasmin. “And the rewards come in different forms. Tangible rewards are appreciated, of course, but sometimes the satisfaction you get from a happy client is gratification enough.”

You can watch our full interview below. And to see all current openings at Ryan & Wetmore, click here.