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    McGladrey’s HR Department Is Interested in Relationships with Minors

    By | October 13, 2015

    Have you heard? The accounting profession is in crisis.

    The unemployment rate for accountants is at 2.2 percent, making it almost impossible for a licensed CPA to collect unemployment; and baby boomers are retiring like Brett Farve in 2006 and 2008 and 2009 and 2010, which means that younger CPAs are going to get promoted faster than ever before. It’s a horrible and stressful time.1

    This month’s Journal of Accountancy reports that CPA firms are taking drastic measures in response to the talent famine.

    Firms have even started recruiting potential CPAs in high school.

    Apparently qualified talent in the accounting profession is like MDMA: partners at CPA firms are confused by it and scared of it, but they’re sure they can find some at their kid’s high school.

    McGladrey hosts open houses for high school seniors who have been offered early decision at universities the firm partners with, said Jennifer Busse, senior director of talent acquisition for McGladrey. […] "We let them know we'll be in touch with them throughout the course of their college career," Busse said.

    And recruiting at high schools is really smart because every high schooler wants to grow up to be the opposite of a rock star or professional skateboarder. And even though firms are desperate enough to recruit high school students, they’re still not ready to start recruiting DeVry students

    If your firm is recruiting high schoolers — or better yet, if you were recruited by a CPA firm when you were in high school — we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

    1 For your boss.

    • Point and Clique

      Bad move. The earlier McGladrey contacts them, the longer they’ll have to realize they don’t want to work at McGladrey.

      • The Horniest Partner

        plus they’ll change their name couple times before they are at the interview stage. btw what happened to their new name RS&M?

      • McGladrey MILF

        I told firm management that I like ’em young, but this is overkill!

    • Big4Veteran

      “And even though firms are desperate enough to recruit high school students, they’re still not ready to start recruiting DeVry students.”


      • The Horniest Partner

        DeVry is just a scam right? You just mail in a check, pick your degree and they send you a diploma.

        • Big4Veteran

          IMO every for-profit university is a scam, and many NFP universities are as well.

        • iamthelolrus

          They make you actually take classes

          They are a scam mostly because no employers take them seriously, and they (obviously) don’t tell you that before you enroll. That coupled with the fact that most people are incapable of researching anything and they graduate with an AA, 40k in debt, and no job.

          It’s really despicable to be honest

          • Big4Veteran

            They are a scam because their primary business is not educating their students, but rather defrauding financial institutions (and ultimately the federal government). Their whole business model is to take advantage of the financial aid system whereby students can obtain basically limitless government-backed debt. It is a huge problem in this country. For-profit scam artists like DeVry rake in the dough, but their innocent students “graduate” with no job and a mountain of debt. And the reason they have no job is because corporate America knows that DeVry is a scam (and therefore any student who attend DeVry is a sucker).

            This is also a problem with not-for-profit universities as well, where tuition has skyrocketed over the years for the same reason, but at least the diploma from NFP universities still provide some value. However, I think the cost/benefit equation of a university degree is starting to be challenged.

    • Big4Veteran

      I would appreciate it if one of the Going Concern contributors would reconcile the above article with other recent articles on this site that predict the downfall of the accounting profession.

      • LikeABoss

        i’m not sure any of the contributors recognize the difference between “downfall of the accounting profession,” and “we’re kinda busy doing work mandated by federal law that’s never going away in a profession not willing to pay to get more people in to do the work, so it’s stressing some people out”

      • Another exKPMGer

        Kyte’s attention to detail = my 17 month old daughter’s attention to detail. In her defense though, they both still shit in their pants, too.

    • liEYr

      I can’t believe GT would let another Big 6 firm take them from the rear and blow right by them in the recruiting game of thrones.

      • keepin_it_real

        where is Chipman69 with his response!?

      • Chipman69

        I applaud RSM or McGladrey or whatever the hell their name is on their DYNAMIC move in recruiting high school students!!!! However, they should be careful on which professionals they send to penetrate this CHOSEN MARKET with their WHOLE SELVES, or they may have a Jared Fogle situation!!!! GT will wait until these high schoolers develop an INSTINCT FOR GROWTH during college!!!!!!

        • The Horniest Partner

          Chipman is like a fine wine

          • FartDude

            He is the best commenter on GC. I used to hate him, but then I acquired a taste for his carefully crafted comments.

            • buthurt

              Does “69” mean anything special to Chipman?

            • FartDude

              Ask him. It’s his CHOSEN MARKET.

            • sludgemonkey

              I was contemplating that, and while there might be some clear titaliation associated with 69, insertion is not the primary objective. So I am not sure I understand his moniker either.

    • ImposterSyndrome

      I’m really glad nobody tried to recruit me in high school because I probably would’ve made a horrible impression. I was an idiot back then and would’ve been blacklisted from Big 4 and the like.

      Seriously, though, is the accounting profession REALLY in that dire need of talent? I mean, I get that people abandon ship after a few years and boomers are retiring, but at the two firms I’ve worked for the average age was about 28 and there were new people coming in to fill the retirees’ and quitters’ spots immediately.

      Honestly, with how automated the profession has become, I don’t even understand why firms are so picky about which accountants they hire. As long as you can pass the CPA and use Excel, software does a lot of the technical work for you, and most of the “subjective reasoning” is mandated by your firm’s definitions of tolerable risk and material misstatement, etc. At that point, there’s an indistinguishable difference between a motivated 3.0 GPA worker and a regular 4.0 GPA employee. So what’s with the big push to recruit special talent?

      • Mike

        they need special talent because one of every 10 associates will become a manager, and managers need a lot of brains and skill.

        • accountingforlove


          Oh, wait, you were serious.

    • cpanum31

      Oh, this article again.
      It shows up like clockwork every year or so and I’ve been reading the same thing for close on half a century.

      What would really be interesting is if you go to the stacks of resumes of “qualified accountants in the British Sense” that they have rejected as “not quite right for us” and get them to write out what they insist on for a “good prospect.”

      Then you realize there is nothing too the article and there never has been. It just makes acceptable filler between the advertisements.

    • MissChanadlerBong

      McGladrey’s recruitment tactics including giving out matching t-shirts and taking groups of recruits out on scavenger hunts. I’m shocked that they’re targeting high school students. Completely. Shocked.