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    McGladrey Latest Accounting Firm to Say, “Screw It, Let’s Just Go By Our Initials”

    By | June 11, 2015

    Yesterday, McGladrey announced they would become RSM. It was an inevitable move for a firm that has had a brand identity crisis over the years.  

    McGladrey LLP today announced it will adopt RSM as a common brand name, uniting with fellow firms of its global network RSM International to further strengthen the organization's position as the leading global provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market.

    "Our clients are an essential part of the global economy, and a unified global brand reinforces our focus on being the first-choice advisor to middle market business leaders by providing consistent global services, regardless of borders," said McGladrey Managing Partner and CEO Joe Adams. "Over the years, McGladrey has evolved with our clients, developing a strong suite of services to support their expansion into the global market and to help them address changes in regulations and the global business environment, enabling them to move forward with confidence."   

    We've heard all of this before. A unified global brand! The same quality! Our clients call us by these letters anyway!

    PwC. EY. DHG. Take your pick. The story is the same. Oddly, KPMG was the firm that was ahead of the trend.

    What's fascinating about this is that accounting firms need to differentiate themselves, yet, they can't help but copy each other. They talk the same (e.g. integrity! client service! diversity!) They do the same things (e.g. audit, tax, consulting). The career opportunities are the same. Oh yes, you can go on about "the people" but these people are the same people, too.  

    New and growing firms would be smart to brand themselves in a completely different way. Whether that's through design, niche services or clients, or a website that simply doesn't suck, it doesn't matter. The accounting profession is desperate for some originality (aside from shirtless men) and we won't get it from the alphabet soup of firms at the top.



    • Dick

      This firm is like amateur night at the strip club … you are not sure what is going to come out next. What a bunch of morons.

      • cpanum31

        I disagree.
        They are intelligent people, just committed to wrong thinking.
        We continue to get these turnip truck loads of business school graduates who understand nothing of business and object to learning anything about it. Awfully good technical accountants thought.

        • I disagree. They’re idiots.

          • cpanum31

            “Idiots” can not do accounting or function normally with out nurses.

            I think they are doing things wrongly but then I analyze their behavior as a Marketing – Management major who got dumped into accounting because I graduated during one of our periodic deep recessions.

    • cpanum31

      Well, it is kind of humorous.

      All the things they could be doing, but they spend time ginning up a new name.

    • B4Senior

      RSM is a lame name. Where are middle market businesses going to get a McAudit now? McTax Services? It’s a shame they’re gone forever…

      • Smack That

        RSM = Really Shitty Marketing?

        At least it’s better than the Mickey D’s association.

    • Suck and blow time at H&R Block. McG formed RSM 10yrs ago with R (UK) and S(France). R and S balied in 2007…McG forced all international affiliates to keep RSM name while they cowardly dropped RSM from letterhead and Zack Johnson’s golf shirt in USA. Now its back. Silly bookkeepers.

    • sludgemonkey

      Not a relevant firm anymore.

    • McValue Meal Audit

      Not a good look to keep changing your name every 1.5 years. Average market participant probably thinks these changes are a result of ownership changes or legal action. I doubt they pay any attention to “press releases”.

    • Dick

      I think these RSM logos is much better.. I think you get the point

    • zzz