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    Look, It’s Okay, The Big 4 Doesn’t Want You

    By | August 28, 2012
    Sometimes the world looks perfect, nothing to rearrange. Sometimes you get a feeling like you need some kind of change. If you're not quite standing tall on the wings of your dreams, get in touch and we'll let you crash on our couch while you figure it out.

    Hi All,

    First let you know I love the page and mostly the articles related to CPA Exam. Second, recently I was reading the article about the intern who don't get an offer and I noticed I'm in the same place. I was an intern in a Big 4 this summer along with 14 interns more. During the internship I was reviewed earning an Exceed Expectations rating, also a Senior Manager sent me an email about how good was my job and all my effort and explaining me that the work I did was job that normally an associate will do. During my second evaluation I was ranked 'Meet Expectations' and the team was really happy with my job. The last day all the interns received and offer, interns that study with me and normally earn lower grades in accounting and to my surprise the firm offer me a next internship that could be fall or summer. I don't know what to do because I made a really good job, I fit with the culture and I don't do anything farther than have a normal conversation with staff of the firm. Please help me I don't know what to do. Specially [sic] I don't know why they offer me a second internship. I know is an opportunity but I earned better evaluations than other interns because they showed to me. Important fact: my career coach leave the firm during my internship.

    Thanks ,

    The Rejected Intern.

    We'll put this as kindly as we can, RI, they don't want you. I'm willing to guess it's because my cat has better English skills and situational awareness than you but that's just a guess.

    Meeting or even exceeding expectations isn't necessarily a guarantee you'll get a job. After all, you're an intern, the only expectation is that you'll show up fully dressed, hopefully with brushed teeth and hair but even that they'll let go as long as your stank breath and rat's nest don't disturb your colleagues and clients.

    As has been discussed in excess on this website, high grades mean jack when it comes to public accounting. This isn't med school, it's number-crunching. All the 4.0s in the world won't get you far if you're socially awkward, obnoxious or just plain dumb. Clearly you're lacking a bit in the awareness department if you were really this blindsided by the firm's decision to give the slacker interns you worked with offers and pass on you.

    It sounds to me like the firm is just trying to be polite and hoping you'll tell them to screw off when it dawns on you how pathetic you'd look waiting around for this second internship when your first intern class is already cranking away at their careers. I've never heard of someone not getting a full-time offer but getting offered a second internship instead, something doesn't smell right.

    So you need to hit the pavement and start looking for a new opportunity, perhaps one with a less prestigious firm like McGladrey that won't be obsessed with perfection or at least reasonable sentence structure.

    You wrote us asking for help but I'm not exactly sure what it is you want help with. Are we supposed to tell you it's all one big mistake and you should call up your supervising senior immediately to inform them of such? Nope, not a mistake, move on.

    • Hahaha

      Brutal honesty. Ouch.

      • brozilla

        Jeez Gonzo who shit in your post toasties? The OP figures we might have a LITTLE more insight than that…like maybe throw some shit around about how small-market firms (14 interns only?) aren’t hiring as much right now, etc. While situational awareness could be the issue, I think GC can do a little better than belittling sentence structure. Let’s be real, not everyone who gets a B4 offer got an 800 on critical reading (or maybe even a 600).

    • KRelaxplease

      What year are you? I’ve heard of cases where interns get offered second internships before being given a full-time offer.

      • Whoopsie

        I interned after my sophomore year and they still made a full time offer for after I graduated. I don’t think this poor soul has a chance.

      • Guessanator

        Many interns from my class received an offer for another internship because they weren’t going to have 150 credits for another couple of years. They all repeated their internships this summer and received full time offers for fall 2014 when they will have 150 credits. It will often depend on the firm’s policies, but I wouldn’t look at it as a negative if this is your situation. They wouldn’t allow you to have an internship next summer if you weren’t technically still in school.

    • Lolbisco

      It is the English

      • The Rejected Intern


        • UACPA again

          more like “It’s”


    • Guest

      That was a very mean response to a sincere question.  Way to shit on someone’s dreams, GC.  

      • ThunderHorse

        I agree with the tone. This person needed a brutal wake up call. We shouldn’t all get trophies for last place.

      • Gues12

        Agreed. I have never heard of any intern getting an exceed expectations and not getting as offer. I guess the question is why they went from exceed to met?


          What the fuck do you know? Guest 11 was a winner. Numero doce, not so much.

          • Yousuck

            God you are such a shitty ass troll on this board.

            • DOT.NOT.THE.FEATHER

              Is that a good or bad thing?

      • ElContador

        You must be new here…

      • CPAs Of CA

        that is a perfect response, the rreplier is straight up and clear telling him to move on, I’d rather hear it straight up so I can get moving with my life

    • cool story brah

      I dont know why they would give you an exceeds and meets and just give you a second internship offer; I suspect either lies or secondary reviewers asleep at the wheel

    • Guest

      Well, I suppose Michael Jordan should have given up after gettng cut from is junior high school basketball team.  After all the “experts” decided he didn’t have an aptitude for the game.

      • Whoopsie

        Yeah “all the experts” meaning junior high basketball coaches.

      • Ron Popeil

        No one said give up totally like kill yourself, it’s just that we can’t all be Big 4 material. It’s cool, bro, the world needs McGladrey ditch diggers too.


        • Guest

          Big 4 Material?????  Have you read any PCAOB reports lately?…..LMAO…..

          • big 4 material

            yes, big 4 material… your managers wouldn’t be able to compete with our staff. you have no idea what it’s like to audit the transactions we see. if someone from PWC called out someone from Deloitte for doing a shitty job, that’s understandable…. however, you small people are not qualified to opine on the work we do. you ignorant idiot.

            • Big4Rainmaker

              BAM! Partner material right here. 

            • DOT.NOT.THE.FEATHER

              Switch to decaf and then get back to auditing cash, twerp. Calling your job hard is an insult to anyone who actually works for a living. Auditors can only audit what they can confirm actually occurred. Even that is slipping. So, when you get off your high horse, don’t fall and break anything on the way down, go fuck yourself.


            • Guest

              You’ve got quite the life ahead of you.

            • GAAPforce1

              WOW.  Put the fucking kool-aid down.  And you’re calling this guy an “ignorant idiot”…

            • jjj

              the transactions you see??? creative accounting is illegal if that’s what you see that others don’t…or perhaps the transations you see appear too grandeur for your little mind.

            • M&A All Star

              PwC auditors don’t know how to audit those transactions either.  Anything interesting is handled by TS.  You dumbasses are just ticking and tying like anyone else.  Deflate your ego you fucking twat.

          • OMGLMFAO

             at least the big 4 have their own blow section…

          • Josh_Him

            Yeah.. PCAOB are bunch of Big4 drop outs..they are no effing Albert Einstein.. we all know that.

            • Major Hulcka

              actually i think they are. they aren’t car salesmen and that is why they go to pcaob (unless there is room at admin for more “technical” partners). i happens all the time.

        • jjj

          Yep, keep digging at the Big 4, Big 4 Material, in hopes to transition into Fortune 500 where you can continue digging for the rest of your life. So much pride in being a slave! Don’t forget to come in this Labor Day weekend to serve a purpose for you master since you don’t have your own.

    • Robert Palmer

      Call and ask HR what the deal is … If they tell you they are unsure of you, politely tell them to shove it. This situation seems odd seeing as they didn’t just outright non-offer you (I’ve never heard of this) so at worst, you owe it to yourself to call them.

    • Butt Yogurt

      Is receiving a second internship offer that much of a negative?  I honestly don’t know.  In my mind it’s totally feasible to take the second internship and get an offer from there.  Then again, I’m not sure if that’s a risk you’re willing to take.

      The whole process is strange.  I made a pretty bad mistake during my internship and after that the mood towards me shifted.  Everybody used to joke around with me and act like I was a shoe-in and I felt a chill immediately after that.  I still received an offer, and I never got any review above a 3 (even though I feel as though I constantly worked beyond requirements.  Anyway, who knows what these people are thinking.  The good news is that you can certainly use the second internship offer as leverage this next recruiting season.  Definitely better to tell them you received a second internship offer rather than nothing at all.

      • Major Hulcka

        you must have spilled butt yogurt in the break room

    • guest

      I also did not get a full time offer at the end of my Big 4 internship but instead, another internship. Similar to your situation, I got high reviews from my Seniors. I always came to work everyday on time and prepared. I got along with everyone I worked with.

      However, when it came to the last week of my internship, the senior I worked with asked me in a private meeting if I liked the work I was doing and if I liked working at a Big 4. I didn’t know it, but my lack of enthusiasm showed in the workplace. 

      Don’t expect to get a full-time offer just because you did everything that was required of you. A Big 4 won’t hire you unless they know you want to be there.

    • Guest

      Heil rejected intern, Ich habe advice four you. Weil you are in university, take more englisch classes. 

    • Pinkerton

      It’s boilerplate for an intern to receive ‘met expectations’ for a review, even if they did a good or bad job from the standpoint of being an intern. Nothing special there. And staff are usually overly kind to interns.

      If it was a completely bad match, they would not have offered you another internship opportunity. Yet, if it was a sure fit, they would have offered you a position to avoid you getting poached by other firms.

      Staffing needs for their office might be unpredictable beyond a 1-year time-frame and this might have impacted the decision (especially if your potential start date differs from other interns in your cohort). So, I don’t think Adrienne’s overly dour response is justified.

      Take this as an opportunity for self-reflection on what you potentially did (all you really mentioned were grades which don’t matter beyond the accept/reject resume pile) during your internship that maybe portended a question of fit. Seek out other firms, but I would accept the internship opportunity.

      There’s no easier money than Big 4 Internship money. Enjoy while it lasts.

      • GUEST

        I would be happy to continue working hourly, especially if I was one of the lucky busy season interns…


        How can you reply to this seriously? The “Dear Colin” author is clearly a troll.

        • Pinkerton

           This post will likely come up when a poor intern googles this question when he finds himself in a similar situation.

          • The Rejected Intern


    • BeezNeezCPAMBA

      Dare I say it – is your visa expiring?  Maybe they just don’t want to deal with it.

      • JP

        Agree 100%
        Visa is a BIG DEAL for public accounting firms. A partner told me it costs $25k to sponsor a student

        • Guest

          10k for an H1B visa champ.

          • Tax Nerd

            H-1Bs are temporary visas, and they’re only good for 3-6 years.  They don’t go with full-time offers.  (Even though that’s probably how long the person would last, tops.) 

            The firm would need to be willing to sponsor a permanent visa, and part of that is usually showing that they can’t hire an American citizen who is as good or better, or somesuch, and most firms aren’t going to want to go to the trouble and expense unless the person is a rock star.

            • Gandalf

              Wrong. H1Bs always go with full time offers. If you haven’t been fired/quit by your 4th-5th year of slavery, then the firm sponsors your permanent resident application. This is when it needs to prove that there wasn’t an American citizen available for the position and all that. 


          I trust that you noted the sarcasm. In case you didn’t…please note that I have had positive and negative experiences with non US co-workers. Generally speaking, they work harder than me and appear to be more competent. I have worked with a few that I would love to have deported, but for the most part, I would give any and all of them the opportunity to work at my firm.


        I applaud your enthusiastic Xenophobia!!! To the borders with all of them!!!!!!! 

    • Guest

      After reading your letter, I’m not surprised they didn’t extend you another offer.  I’m equally surprised you got an internship at all, unless you didn’t communicate with them in writing.

    • OverachieverIntern

      I sure hope you did some associate work!! Kudos on that kid!

      “…a Senior Manager sent me an email about how good was my job and all my effort and explaining me that the work I did was job that normally an associate will do.”

    • Grammar+Spelling=Full-time Job

      Maybe their expectations of you were really low given your writing skillz…

    • JP

      It’s your English. They have to consider what you’re going to look like in front of the client. Don’t take it the wrong way…..most of us only speak one language; you speak at least two.

      • The Rejected Intern


        • IHeartUncleErnie

          seriously? It’s = it is.  JP used it properly.

          • lghjkhjgjxf

            psssst. . .you were trolled.

            • The Rejected Intern



      How can anyone take that post seriously? How many times did you all have to re-read sentences and use “context clues” just to figure out what the fuck was going on? 

      “The last day all the interns received and offer, interns that study with me and normally earn lower grades in accounting and to my surprise the firm offer me a next internship that could be fall or summer.”

      What the fuck does that mean? Anyone? This person needs to be told directly that they are communication deficient. There is work outside the US if English is not your most fluent language….

      • “communication deficient”….brilliant

      • $19577774

        Agreed. As usual, I suspect the OP has neglected to include many of the relevant facts of this case. But even so, if I were to ever get an e-mail from a recruit that reads as badly as OP’s e-mail above, said e-mail would go straight to my trash folder and my company would be finished with that recruit.

        The advice I’d give this OP is the same as advice I would give to many OP’s on this site… dude, you need to be honest with yourself.


          What would you do with a proficient communicator, but with a Devry (sp?) or Phoenix “degree” holder?

          Since this is such a human interest piece I think that Colin or Jr. Deputy needs to contact the OP for a follow up interview or assessment. I just can’t fathom many circumstances where the lack of  ability to communicate via the typed word would be acceptable or excused….

      • NotBorninUSA

        English certainly isn’t my most fluent language. But, I can communicate just fine. The level of this intern’s English skill is not suitable for a public accounting firm – same goes for many Americans in this country.  

    • NotStonedJustBusySeason

      Depending on the Firm’s policy it could 100% simply be the year in school you are.  Sophmore’s and some Juniors aren’t elgible for Full Time offers as they still have another year of Undergrad and then likely Grad School as well to get the 150 credits, and the firm doesn’t want to commit to someone that early, especially when they can get cheap labor for another year.
      Alternatively, you may have done the work well enough, but not fit on the team.  This could simply be an acknowledgement of both, and gives you an opportunity to work with a different crew.

    • Guest

      I laugh at all the poor college kids who come to this site and end up thinking that think big 4 is the only way to go. Its not about Big 4 being on your resume, you can work at a small firm and get any job you want from a good interview. 

      • BobLoblaw

        You’re right. When I’m looking to hire a manager I say “Well, there is this guy who is the manager on a Fortune 500 company, has experience directly related to my industry, and who I can fact find about with about a dozen people who know him… or there’s this guy who works in an office with 15 people in it, has experience ranging from the Dollar Store audit to a place that manufactures mattress springs, and who I really have no idea anything about”. Tough call bro. 


          So, just to clarify….what are you saying? Big 3.5 or bust?

          C’mon Bob, I know you cannot be serious.

        • Guest

          Because we can all agree it goes from big 4 to offices with only 15 people in it with no inbetween. Nice post bro

        • Guest

           The “Dollar Store” audit Bob?  Last I checked those dollar stores were raking in 10B+ in sales.  And those dollar stores are audited by B4……

    • 080080

      Proficiency in English continues to be a consistent eliminator in my office. The first question anyone asks with regards to a potential new (to the firm) hire is “how is his/her English”?

      • J B Anderson

        I speak English good.

        • Guest

          *I speak English well

          • The Rejected Intern


    • Big4Rainmaker

      If this clown was on my job I’d insta-drop his/her time. Like it or not, even as a A1 your emails are a reflection of the firm. Imagine the look on a client’s face when realizing they are paying a firm $1,000,000 a year and this is how their staff communicate. 

    • Guest of a Guest

      Just reading that letter made me want to pull my hair out. I get that your first language is not English BUT seriously?? What the hell was that?! I had to reread at least twice and was still confused. 

      Maybe they gave you another internship because they do believe you are capable of the actual work, but want to see if your English skills will improve. I personally would be mortified if someone in my firm sent out emails that had any resemblance to that!

    • Guest

      My intern this summer had a similar issue.  He had all the typical qualities of an intern such as limited excel skills, nauseating enthusiasm, and straight A grades.  However, he couldn’t communicate in English to save his life.  Instructions had to be repeated multiple times, anything he wrote had to be first interpreted and then completely rewritten, and any sort of joke/sarcastic remark would immediately require a complete explanation.  You can get straight A’s all you want but if you can’t write an email or even ask a question in complete English, I’m not letting you near my clients.  We gave him a second internship and told him to practice business communication while at school. 

      • I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to read this. It’s about God damn motherfucking time. The emails I got in my many, many years of CPA review made me weep for the industry – fine, not everyone is an English major but Christ, how difficult is it to write in complete, easy-to-read sentences?! And then I’d look at the email signatures and cry more on the inside “DEAR GOD, THIS PERSON IS WITH A BIG 4 FIRM AND CANNOT EVEN COMMUNICATE LIKE A HUMAN BEING?! WE’RE DOOMED!!”

        Forget jokes though. Many a time I’d be on the phone with a CPA exam candidate and throw in a joke that went completely over their heads. It took about a year before I gave up completely on being funny.

        • Guest

          cool story bro

        • Guest

          I gotta hand it to you.  After reading your articles/posts on this site for the last few years, you have done a great job at not being funny. 

          • Big4Bonzo

            Someday you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren you got 6 likes on a snotty comment you left on a message board where you didn’t even have the guts to make up a name. 

            • Guest

              Guest is a made up name. So there.



              P.S. it was a joke, so straighten out your panties.

        • UACPA again

          Client thought i was an english major.  Of course they could reconcile jack squat.

    • Guesting

      This is a client service industry. Quite frankly, ability to interact with our clients is more important than technical accounting knowledge, CPA designation, etc.

      I’m glad firms are starting to understand this. I can’t tell you how many great candidates we’ve let go in our process because “they only had a 3.0 GPA,” only to hire a ‘higher performance’ individual with English skills akin to Jackie Chan in Rush Hour.

      • cool story brah

         I would totally hire Jackie Chan, he could scare clients into providing stuff quicker or suffer the kung-fu wrath

    • Marcusfour

      all interns get exceed expectations…..If not your done

      • Grammar is Good

        You’re. Cripes!!

    • BobLoblaw

      There is no way this is an actual letter

    • Guest

      Troll email aside, a second intern ship is not death. Are you still in school etc. Some of our tax interns did two and were hired for that reason. Some did two and left. I would love to be a intern anf rape the mother fucking code for overtime. Make more than fucking partner.

      That aside no one gives a fuck about you knowing how to prep work that much, we can farm that shirt out to India. Client communication and whor-selling yourself is what matters. I really liked my intern-associate so I made sure to tell her no internet speak etc.

      • Guest

        Can you re-write that in English please?

    • Immaterial

      OP needs to get fucked for having a bad attitude and equally shitty English skills, and is lucky that their firm is giving them another chance.

      I would have loved to sit through a second internship – who says no to stupid amounts of overtime for little-to-no accountability for any work performed?

    • re_laxx1

      Same thing happen to me this summer.

      • Guest

        And I thought I was the only one who smoked a joint in my managers car on the way to pick up Starbucks… 

    • Accountinggeekgc

       I hope you are not the intern that admitted to a partner that you were part of the UCONN riot (red flag!). The number of interns, circumstances and the structure sounds very familiar.

    • tick out with my prick out

      Doesn’t it depend on what year this guy is? He may have 2 years left in school, I worked with several kids who were on their second internships and got full time offers. It doesn’t sound that way based on his letter, but it’s possible I suppose. But really, the English is fucking terrible.

      • Tax Nerd

        There are three possibilities, in my mind.
        1.)  You have two years left in school, and they don’t want to commit this far out.
        2.)  They don’t want to sponsor an immigrant on a permanent visa, and are hoping you’ll sort that out on your own somehow.  (Like by marrying an American.)
        3.)  They’re unsure of you, but willing to give you a second chance.  Don’t worry about your accounting classes.  Take as many business writing classes as you can, and spend some quality time with an English tutor.  Knowing the technical side of accounting isn’t useful if you can’t communicate it to the client.

    • Balki

      Nice homage to “Perfect Strangers” …. I laughed when I read it. I think I’m one of the few old folks that caught the reference. Kudos!

      • Guest

        Finger pushups!

    • Grasshopper CPA

      A tax partner with responsibility for recruiting and hiring at a flrm in the next tier after Big 4 was approached by several managers and directors about the poor performance of an intern who had similar grammar and syntax to that of the aforementioned intern w/o an offer.

      This intern wrote a memo and his conclusion stated that he couldn’t come to a conclusion because the law was not clear. The evaluations were dismissed and feedback ignored as people were told he was still getting an offer, why you ask? The following explanation was offered: “we have to give offers to all interns so accounting professors at the schools we recruit from will like us and refer students to work here. If you reject their students then the firm looks bad and it will make it tougher to recruit” If I didn’t know any better I would have thought Bill Lumberg was in charge and we were in trouble for not putting cover sheets on our TPS reports.

    • NYCaccountant

      I did my first internship at Deloitte in the summer of 2007. At the time, I had completed 1.5 years of a 3 year full time MBA program in Accounting (72 credit program). After my intership, I was offered a full-time position but HR had no idea that i still had another 1.5 years to complete in school (not sure how they missed that one). I asked if I could come back next summer as an intern (not knowing what to expect). I was invited to come back the summer of 2008 and upon completion, was offered a full-time audit position starting January 2009 (I started my MBA January 2006 and graduated December 2008). Almost 4 years later, still going strong. So defintely don’t be discouraged. The intern that I had work with me this summer was invited to come back next summer as well (rated great by my team). I believe he also had another 1.5 years of schooling left. Best of luck to you and wish you all the best! 

    • NYCaccountant

      Oh and by the way, I interned with someone in the summer of 2007 who had terrible grammar (smart Asian kid). He is now a manager after staring full-time in 2008. With that said, I worked and still continue to work with people who are either new to the States or just can’t speak that well… but they are all working at a Big 4. As long as you are competent enough, you should be fine.

    • Guest

      internships are overrated.  i went to the career fair, got interviews with all the top firms, then told PwC that i wanted an offer so i didnt have to go on second interviews.  a day later, there was an offer letter sent via email

      dont act like a bitch and you wont get treated like one…

      • Guest

        You sound like a popular guy.

      • Josh_Him

        I call bullshit on this one.. there are well qualified people out there who would give up their left nut to get an internship with one of these firms.. are you sure you don’t work as a staff accountant at a paper company?

        • NYCaccountant

          Agreed. Nowadays, an internship is crucial if you want to get you foot in the door if you are fresh out of school. With so many qualified applicants in the job market, people would kill to get a 2 month summer internship gig.

          • Guest of a Guest

            I never interned at an audit firm and received 6 full-time offers. I had managerial experience in a different field though, so that may have been why.

        • Guest


      • Josh_Him

        I see douche Bags like you learn the hard way at these big 4 firms…. its pathetic..

        • Guest

          who needs to learn how to audit?  rinse, repeat…

    • meh

      Newsflash: accounting is not that cool. If your grades really are that good go work in a respectable industry. Unless, of course, you went to a shitty state school, in which case hang yourself.

    • Shiner

      Hello…call up the HR people and ASK them!  Get a feel for the situation, maybe the hiring needs were met or they couldn’t give so many full-time offers, but they want to keep you around with an internship. 
      If you were horrible or totally didn’t want you, they’d just kick you to the street. 

      I didn’t receive an offer because I wasn’t enthusiastic about the work and the travel. It showed. I still did good work but they didn’t give me an offer. So what’d I do..switched functions and went to kpmg. 

      Important lesson learned though. I should have done something else after the first internship because I ended up getting an offer there and wasting several years of my life before doing something I actually enjoyed. 

    • Anon

      OK so this person was either A) pulling GC’s leg or B) is an immigrant because that english is cray cray. Firms often offer second internships if they like you… I mean you’re gonna make more money for one more season. I don’t know why you’re complaining.

    • Miss India

      OMG, your english are terrible.  Sad really. 🙁

      • The Guest

        Your English isn’t all that great either. Sad really. 🙁

        • Asdf

           I think that was the joke…

          • Guest

            Oh it was a joke?




            Whew, that was one freaking funny joke. Damn, I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard.


        Welcome Back. You were missed.

    • GGg

      Sounds like a communication issue based on that ‘English.’

    • While harsh, this is true.  Imagine a client reading an e-mail written that poorly?  

    • $$$$$$

      It sounds like English is your second language. If so that may be why.

    • illy

      Life has been hard for some individuals in here and apparently accomplished nothing until the were employed by the big four. Congratulations that is an accomplishment, however, ask any successful businessman this is a stepping stone not a destination. However, for some of you apparently you have made it to the top and are spitting on those you perceive to be below you. My father was probably in prison at your age and now is a part owner in one of the biggest companies in it’s respected field in the nation. This I can promise that neither he nor any man which is truly satisfied with where he sits in life will down play anyone else’s accomplishments. For one simple reason and that’s they have no reason. They see their own accomplishments because of the quantity and quality of them. Some of you have so few that yours are transparent for your own validity you cloud the extra space with what you see as someone else’s failures in order to put you accomplishments on a pedestal and now your are no longer translucent enough to see your own failures. If this is how you lead life to pursue happiness and self assurance. I would encourage you to look inwards at ones own self after all is it not yourself that should make you happy. Bill gates or any man can come and rain on you alls parade any day of the week. Would this demean in your mind your accomplishments, my guess is no. So what makes you think an entry level employee or hopefully so from the tasks I have read some of you are doing for the big four would have any meaning to this young person. Also, I hate to do this as I will be stooping to your level but thank you for auditing my father’s company we could not legally continue to make the strives we have without slaves like yourself sort of how a dodge can not become one without assembly line workers. Also, anyone who is jealous of his auditing career and fill you are missing out just go get all of your transactions even create some financial startements and head down the auditing trail. It might as well lead to Disney world oh too much fun. I guess not all of us can be “CFO” material.