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    LinkedIn Becoming More Miserable By Telling Everyone How Underpaid They Are

    By | December 16, 2016

    Pardon me for not paying attention, but someone just sent me this article about LinkedIn Salary and, I have to say, it's a pretty good idea. Not that it's novel or anything, but it will get people to 1) Give LinkedIn more data; 2) Get people to visit a site that they hate visiting. Maybe I'm projecting a bit on #2, but does anyone out there like going on LinkedIn? People hate going on Facebook on it's filled with loved ones; I'll bet I only genuinely enjoy the company of 2-3 of the people I'm connected to on LinkedIn.

    Anyway, LinkedIn Salary will definitely draw the eyeballs, even mine. I've already submitted my salary so that I can look all the info available. Interestingly enough, it's a little short on info. There isn't any data on Audit Partners yet, for example. I did however land on a load of Audit Senior Manager data, so here's a taste:

    Yes, EisnerAmper people, not only are you getting the short-end of the stick in the holiday gift department, your senior managers's salaries lag behind in the small sample that LinkedIn has data on.

    As far as geographic data, here's a little more to offer:

    As I said, it's a little light on information but I'm sure it'll improve as time goes on. You'll know far more about how much you're undervalued before you know it! 

    Why LinkedIn just dove headfirst into a taboo topic [TBJ]

    • Big4Veteran

      Man, audit senior managers are way overpaid.

    • FifotryFISI

      Those median numbers must be leaning towards SM2-3. I know for a fact that a New SM1 is around 110-115 base in Chicago which is only 5% less then pay in New York.

    • Reasonable Assurance

      $140k as a senior manager seems shitty. So many hours and weekends/holidays worked.

      • Adam Hill

        Not if you have the balls to not work those days.

      • Chipman69

        140k is good if you are a DYNAMIC sr. manager at GT!!! GT’s Sr. Managers are encouraged to engorge their WHOLE SELVES by using their INSTINCT FOR GROWTH to penetrate new prospects in GT’s CHOSEN MARKETS, rather than waste their time with NONDYNAMIC audit procedures!!!!!!

    • Marks Leftfield

      LinkedIn has begun to be too close for comfort. Think my boss knows I am using monster.com to get a new job

    • Point and Clique

      I’m just impressed they’re doing this. Workers knowing each other salaries’ is universally considered bad for Bitcoin by bosses who don’t want their employees vying for parity.

    • Princess1

      This is only new to LinkedIn, which is playing catch-up. Salary.com, Glassdoor, and Indeed have been doing this for years. Old news.

    • IndenturedServant

      Are audit senior managers living with roommates or something. 144K would be difficult to raise a family on in the Bay Area.

    • sludgemonkey

      I want to know what Chipman69 makes. That is the guidepost by which I will determine my value.

      • keepin_it_real

        He makes enough for his dynamic instinct for growth to penetrate your chosen market with his whole selves.

      • Chipman69

        DYNAMIC professionals at GT not only have their WHOLE SELVES compensated with money, they also receive an INSTINCT FOR GROWTH stronger than stale spotted dick, which allows them to penetrate any CHOSEN MARKET they choose!!!!!

        • sludgemonkey

          Depending on my salary, I might have to settle for Jello pudding cups rather than spotted dick.

    • More information is never a bad thing, until it is. Getting higher pay isn’t a motivating factor, but knowing that someone else gets more is a huge de-motivator.

      So LinkedIn is trying to make people unhappy so they look for new jobs…on LinkedIn. It’s a great strategy!

      • Adam Hill

        Which goes completely against the firm mindset of “sharing salary information can be grounds for termination”.

        So, firms don’t want the better employees to be unhappy when they hear what Johnny dip shit in the NFP/gov’t niche is making.

    • ImposterSyndrome

      I know I’m late to the party, but I checked out my salary comparison on LinkedIn and I’m actually above the median for my geographic area. I don’t work at a big 4 though, so that’s probably why. When I got my offers before graduation, my EY offer was actually lower than the other 2 offers I got, and I would’ve had to move to a more expensive city to work there, so I wasn’t very impressed. I work for a national firm, but not a big 4, and I think honestly the big 4 use their “prestige” and brand recognition as an excuse to underpay their employees.