• Chimpy

      Trolling Reddit for content are we?

      • cool story brah

         this is as applicable to GC as any other post

      • TAXGUY

        If you are going to make it real match a correct Service Center with a Califonia taxpayer.  There is no way Holtsville deals with anyone in California.  Fresno or
        Ogden would be at least believable. 

        • Smasher

          It’s Reddit. None of the “lol check this crazy thing out” are ever real. Just like the “damnyouautocorrect” shit.

          Also, wow, I said an earlier post made me think I was browsing reddit, but this one just clinched it. You might even say it nailed it.

      • SippOnSizzurp

        All good things from the internet come from Reddit these days.


      What could he possibly done to get such a huge penalty on an underpayment of $250 bucks from only a year ago?

    • Just Guessing

      It’s possible that the $243.28 was interest, and the taxpayersjust  paid it, because it’s next to impossible to get waived.  And it’s possible that the taxpayer moved to the west coast. 

      Assuming they paid the tax due with the return, and the $243 is interest, the $2,522 might be late filing penalties.  There are are reasonable cause ways to get out of those, like being in a coma.  Combine that with an IRS employee who doesn’t give a sh*t anymore… slim possibility this is legit
      Of course, it’s fairly like that this is a pile of crap.  But at least it’s entertaining.

    • The IRS does NOT have a sense of humor. Those who do are weeded out. It is a sad sad place to work at.