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    Let’s Enjoy Some Intern Reviews of Various Accounting Firms

    By | November 20, 2015

    Vault ranks lots of employers and this week they dropped their 50 top internships for 2016. There are lots of accounting firms on this list, so many it's almost unbelievable considering Vault invited more than 600 employers to participate. Here are all the firms that were list:

    Each firm has plenty of reviews to comb through but the "Downers" are the most fun, including one Plante Moran intern whose only complaint was "Working full time and being away from school."). One KPMG intern's "Hard Work Required" ranked two stars, yet would still recommend, so that's not so helpful. By contrast, here's a PwC intern who said, "If you think you can show up as an intern and run the show, this is not the place for that kind of ego," which is incredibly helpful. Then there's the Deloitte Consulting intern who lamented about "unsustainable lifestyle; coworkers are all exhausted and drained." Oh, and a Marks Paneth intern who said, "The location of my desk was in the coldest corner of the office," which was one of the more valid gripes I read.

    Obviously I'm cherry-picking here; interns said plenty of positive things about these firms, but they're far less interesting and/or amusing and mostly consist of "real world experience" and "smart people" and "great culture" and more mentions of "Disneyland" than you might expect.

    Anyway, enjoy poking around if you feel so inclined. Interns are the best.

    [Vault 50 Best Internships]

    • Daily Nugget

      The problem with all these intern reviews is that they all still don’t know what they don’t know–which is everything. If you can trick an intern into driving into the office to pick up a box of tickmarks can you trust their review of the firm?

      • buthurt

        Ignorance is the game. If they really do know wtf is going on then we will have 0% acceptance rate on return offers.

      • B4Senior

        Aren’t these intern-reviews aimed at students seeking internships? So maybe their stupid reviews are exactly what the stupid potential interns would like to read.

        • N.E.R.D.

          Psh, the B4 management are probably scouring these reviews to understand “Millennials” and their wants/needs. We should expect another report finding a pattern among Millennials soon.

          They probably have HR monkeys tracking key words as we speak.

    • Another exKPMGer

      I like the one Baker Tilly 2.5 star review that said their skillset was underutilized. Poor bastard was probably upset when they told him/her not to use the auto-stapler on the copy machine after spending all those hours figuring out how to change the settings.