• At Least One SEC Commissioner Has a Sense of Humor

    By | November 18, 2015

    Michael Piwowar made a funny:

    Imagine a world where GAAP or other reporting standards did not exist – where management could develop its own numbers based on its own poorly-defined criteria.  Management might be tempted to create numbers that provide the illusion of performance but in reality are largely irrelevant to measuring the actual performance of that organization.  Reported numbers might be distributed for public consumption without clear disclosure as to how they were derived.  These numbers could also be touted in press releases and other public statements by management in order to paint a flawed view of the organization’s productivity and effectiveness.  But enough about the SEC’s enforcement statistics.

    Here's a joke briefer for those feeling a little lost.

    The SEC Put Out Its 2015 Highlight Reel

    • MWCPA

      So adjusted EBITDA?

      • Caleb Newquist

        Adjusted EBITDA (as adjusted)

    • hyuk hyuk

    • Big4Veteran

      I love when politicians/commissioners/agency heads bag on their own organization for being toothless and dysfunctional. If only there were someone who had the power to help change things for the better…