• Layoffs Watch ’12: Mazars

    By | November 8, 2012

    The firm regrets to inform five percent of their employees, including "a limited number of partners," that they will soon have a lot of free time on their hands:

    Mazars could make up to 5% of its workforce redundant, as it begins a consultation process across the firm. Accountancy Age has learned staff were informed this week that a consultation process to cut costs was taking place across the business. A statement from Mazars said: "Mazars has made significant headway in the last few years, with good organic growth and profitability, however the continuing market conditions in the UK mean that, like most professional service firms, regrettably we are obliged to engage in a consultation process across our business that may result in redundancies of up to 5% of our workforce.
    • NOBODY


    • Ed Plybon

      Ah, yes, that word they love in the UK: redundant

    • The Horniest Partner

      in other words the partners need their 5% raise and the only way to do that is increase revenue or cut costs.  Must have been a bad year on the revenue side so cutting costs it is.

    • Guest4ever

      No really, who?

    • Beardless Tax Master

      5% of nothing creates an error message in Excel. This article must be an error.

      I thought Mazars was my favorite brand of hummus and baba ghanoush. Is it possible you can redeem UPC labels for free auditing services?