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    Layoff Watch ’12: Some Dude’s Friend at KPMG

    By | October 12, 2012

    This just in:

    KPMG just laid off a friend of mine in Rochester, NY.

    Sources familiar with the situation say that it's "unfortunate this happened" but claim that the friend was a "good guy" and "hard-working" although he had been "having a tough time lately" and "was talking about quitting anyway." The friend was not immediately reachable for comment so any future plans were not known at press time. We'll update you as this story develops.

    • Guessed

      Cool story, bro.

    • guesty

      Another great post

      • guesty

        sorry, another great post bro

    • ThunderHorse

      This story could have also included an short paragraph highlighting the differences between being “laid off” and “fired” as I am guessing this is the latter seeing it is October 12.

      • ThunderHorse

        Shit, “a” not “an”

    • KPenisMG

      Who the hell cares about upstate New York anyway

    • Mitt 4 Prez

      This is Obama’s America

    • Lolbisco

      Do we know what said friend ate for breakfast this morning?

    • cool story brah

      see name

    • Comeatmebro

      Anyone that was “laid off” or fired in Upstate NY was not pulling their own wait, and were probably more useless than an intern.

      • OG

        Anyone that cannot use the appropriate spelling of “weight” is probably more useless than an intern. 

    • Orion249

      Cute effort, but Onion writers are in another league.

    • DudeCPA

      I’m not this dude’s friend but heard KPMG also let go of a talented and experienced Tax Consulting Senior Manager in a large Southeast region office that was a surprise to many people. Two people, a trend does not make; however, this sniper-type approach of picking off one or two people at a time spread out over a few months without any pomp and circumstance is becoming more commonplace. Good people are getting let go because of collective bandwidth issues where regional and office PICs are reviewing utilization statistics and concluding 290 people can do the work of 300 people so let’s identify the 10 people we should let go of (mostly higher compensated managers). It’s always been a numbers game- what’s the lowest headcount and payroll we can get away with w/o sacrificing incremental revenue that produces high gross margin. Not rocket science.

      • Guest


      • Responding to The Dude Abides

        I agree with the facts in this comment, but not your tone. What is wrong with reducing some of the slightly top-heavy groups by culling a manager or sr manager or two? It’s the most efficient approach. Granted, it would be nice to give that person a head’s up (“counsel out” with a month of warning, for instance) so they can line up another opportunity first, but that might very well have been the case in both examples and you wouldn’t have known about it. CPAs are smart: we can generally tell when we’re not doing great in a job and are about to get let go. That’s how we get the head’s up to look for something else that’s a better fit.

        • Keepin_it_real

          For higher level people (managers and above) they usually always give you a heads up normally a couple of months in advance depending on their current needs. A sudden firing happens but isn’t the norm. For staff and senior level though, anything goes.

        • Guest

          because KPMG does not “counsel out” The new norm is messing with your rating or just lowering the boom. And whats wrong with it is they pay this has been golfer 50 million over the last 5 years for no return on the money. How many people is that? Love your name though. and I don’t roll on Shabbos and Don’t Fuck with the Jesus

    • K-RIF

      KPMG wasn’t always like this.  The endless RIFs started a few years back.  Now they RIF and RIF and RIF and RIF. 

    • Guest

      They have also laid off some marketing in the NYC office, as well as the Montvale office within the past month.  Their last day was this past week.  I also heard from my friend they have been cutting HR, OPS, Technology and Finance in various offices, including Montvale.

    • Guest

      this is a company staring into the abyss  and the abyss is beckoning