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    KPMG UK Succumbs to Millennials’ Bellyaching on Slow Recruitment Process

    By | August 1, 2016

    Millennials detest many things. This list of things would include: slow wifi signals; conventional produce, talking on the phone, check books, high fructose corn syrup, cars, shopping in a physical store, albums, coal, gluten, movies that don't stream on Netflix, being called a Millennial, and Millennial stereotypes, just to name a few.

    But perhaps one of the biggest pet peeves of Millennials is good ol' fashioned waiting. That's right, in this day and age, people aged from, uh, 22 (?) to 30-something allegedly don't have patience for much of anything. 

    This includes many traditional business processes such as hiring. Historically, recruits go through a gruesome ordeal with multiple interviews that drags on for several weeks before knowing whether they have a job. Fortunately, the BBC reports that KPMG seems to have gotten the message (in the UK anyway) and has decided to tighten up the time from interview to offer:

    Instead of conducting three separate assessments over several weeks, it will now combine the process into one day.

    The firm says the change will mean applicants will find out if they have got a job within two working days.

    It made the change following research suggesting millennials were frustrated by lengthy recruitment processes.

    KPMG said its survey- conducted among 400 of this summer's new graduates applying for a graduate job at a UK firm – found that more than one-third were annoyed about how long they had to wait to hear the outcome of an interview, and how long the recruitment process took.

    Two days isn't so bad, now is it? I'm sure recruits on this side of the pond would appreciate it if the House of Klynveld took similar action.

    However, there seems to be one unresolved stick left in the Millennial craw

    [T]he biggest complaint, made by more than half of those surveyed, was about not receiving any feedback if they were unsuccessful.

    Even if they need to be told that their personality sucks, Millennials prefer knowing now rather than later.


    • “[T]he biggest complaint, made by more than half of those surveyed, was about not receiving any feedback if they were unsuccessful.”

      Somehow I think, “We liked the other ones better than you”, is not something they’ll like to hear either.

      • Mose Schrute

        What do you expect from the everyone gets a trophy generation…

        • Aleister Cartwright

          Man, give me a break. For one, you should thank the “everyone gets a trophy generation.” They are the reason employers are finally waking up and bending over backwards to increase pay and improve working conditions.
          All my generation did (and probably yours as well) was bend over and take it in the butt. I for one, as a gen Xer absolutely love what the millennials are doing for themselves, and indirectly for us.
          The millennials don’t give a crap and have the balls to ask for what they want. That benefits me. It benefits you. They are a lot smarter than you and I when it comes to getting their fair share. Good for them!
          I personally am glad to see their demands skyrocket and watch employers come to the realization that they either need to put out, or get the F(*CK out.

          • Mose Schrute

            Someone takes their GC posting seriously…

    • sludgemonkey

      WTF. 2 minutes of my life wasted reading about these millenials again.

      • DMoney

        It says millennials right there in the title, next time don’t click it?

        • sludgemonkey

          Content, not titles, make the article.

    • To be fair, KPMG in London have sorted their HR out. According to folklore, they had the highest HR to Fee Earner ratio of any firm. As for wrapping up the Graduate assessment process up into one day, that is just common sense.