• KPMG Breaks Ground on “Don’t Mishandle Leaked Info, Or Else” Training Center

    By | May 22, 2017

    I’m sure future visitors to KPMG’s now-under-construction training center will learn things aside from the fact that not turning over leaked PCAOB info in a timely manner is a bad career move, but it is an old lesson that recently became important again.

    Anyway, here’s your Twitter photo op:

    I’m sorry, but where the hell are their hard hats? No groundbreaking photo-op is complete without a bunch of suits patronizing labor by awkwardly donning hard hats.

    KPMG’s version of Kamp Kikakee is scheduled to open in 2019. Get your cafeteria requests in ASAP.

    KPMG Planning a Training Center That Will Surpass Deloitte University in Ridiculousness

    • Big4Veteran

      1. I still don’t understand why KPMG’s employees had an obligation to disclose information that was leaked to them by someone at the PCAOB.

      2. Besides for the photo op, aren’t construction hats required for safety sake? If tragedy were to befall all those middle aged white accountants in the photo, how would KPMG ever be able to replace them?

      • Debit_cash

        I’m sure most of those middle aged white partner accountants have generous life insurances that are paid at the expense of brainwashed twenty somethings putting in 80 billable hours per week.

      • AaronBalake

        As a KPMG employee (sighs deeply), speaking from experience, leadership is swiftly replaced when necessary or otherwise required in an effort to save face with respect to our clients.

    • Coxswain3

      Where is Phil at?