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    KPMG Is Going To Like the Way You (Interns) Look

    By | June 21, 2013

    Not only is KPMG trying to help their interns dress better at this year's National Intern Training in Orlando, they've got to brag about it on Facebook:

    "To make things even better for our Summer 2013 Interns, KPMG gave each male a $200 giftcard to Men's Wearhouse and each female a $200 giftcard to Ann Taylor Factory. Men's Wearhouse and Ann Taylor Factory also provided ties and necklaces, along with coupons to their stores, to help our interns start building their professional wardrobe in style!"

    And that wasn't enough either. They apparently humiliated their freakishly hot Campus Recruiters by forcing them to strut around in a fashion show, presumably to show the interns a variety of work-appropriate and casual looks. That's great and all but kind of creepy.

    You can stalk all the fun in Orlando on the KPMG US Careers Facebook page.

    • Name

      Sadly I think this is a really good idea and probably some variation is needed…. an intern showed up last week to the client site in shorts. When told it was unprofessional, she replied with, “I thought this was business casual”. $200 worth of free clothes- who wouldn’t appreciate that?

    • FreeMoney

      This is creepy? I would have loved a giftcard for clothes to any store. Also, I saw a handful of girls wearing miniskirts and the like at our first training so yeah, a heads up on what to wear to work was definitely needed.

      • I Just love this

        Agreed. At a Big 4 national intern training event I went to, I was surprised at how many girls wore miniskirts as part of their professional attire, different regional cultures I guess?

        • guest

          just enjoy! =]…

      • Did you look at the whole album? It is creepy that abnormally hot recruiters are paraded around in a fashion show, yes. They are already pieces of meat on campus (when was the last time you met an UGLY recruiter? Go ahead and get back to me, I’ll wait).

        The gift card itself is not creepy and I agree, necessary.

        • guest

          90% of female recruiters are young and hot…love them..

        • PwCASSociate

          I would hardly call those people “abnormally hot”. All I see are 6s.

    • whogivesazhit

      Maybe the “I guarantee it” Men’s Wearhouse CEO quit a couple of days ago after hearing that their brand has gone so low that even KPMG offers it to their peeps.

    • Jane

      How arrogant of KPMG! Who are they to dictate what people should wear?

    • cool story brah

      I am not surprised they did a fashion show, considering how ridiculously (un)dressed I’ve seen first years come dressed into work this year.

    • guest

      Really..do the college interns at any of the Bug 4 firms perform any kind of meaningful work or do they just drain the purses of the Partners? They get paid what? Like a grand a week get sent to Orlando or Palm Springs or Phoenix or San Diego, feed their faces on the company dime, and now get themselves a 200 bucks worth of clothes as a lesson in what is or is not business appropriate. Shouldn’t they have learned that at Lehigh or Bucknelll or some other $52,000 a year school where they were recruited from? Wine em and dine em then throw them into the tar pits in their freshly pressed and very fashionable Men’s Warehouse /Ann Taylor best

      • Former intern

        Although you sound very rude, I will address the purpose of college interns. The experience is intended to lock them into becoming first-years at that firm, which saves on recruitment costs the next go-round. The initial professional experience (typically a summer internship, like what’s called “summers” for law school students) has a huge impact on whether good young people will stick with the firm or not. Yes money is spent on interns to make sure they have a great time, not just to train them on technical accounting work. The industry needs balanced personalities, not drones. (Being a drone will come later, but not during the internship.)

    • BIG3

      Does any one else read the KPMG NIT the place to be sign, as saying KPMG “NOT” the place to be? It would be much more accurate that way.

    • backthatassetup

      I personally was one of the interns to recieve a giftcard. I think this was a great idea for the firm to relieve some of the costs of building a professional wadrobe for the interns. Many interns are still in school, have debt and college loans and feel a financial burden when building a work-appropriate professional wardrobe just for the summer.
      Providing the interns with these gift cards insured the firm of our professional appearance when out on client sites as well.

    • Big4Guru

      Everyone from KPMG just looks like drunks. Maybe some clean ties would be could for the unshaven #4 firm.