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    KPMG Appears to Have the Same Eligibility for Admiration in Massachusetts as the New York Yankees

    By | February 1, 2013

    A tipster came across the following poll from the Boston Business Journal in their LinkedIn feed:

    Intepret as you see fit. We're trying to get in touch with someone at BBJ to get some insight.

    In the meantime, the results, so far, are as follows:

    I guess this makes E&Y the Orioles? Discuss.

    • oops!

      whatever you do, don’t try to find this poll by googling Boston BJ while on your work computer

    • guestie

      I’m pwc boston… a deloitte colleague told me about this like 2 days ago wondering if I’d been hounded about voting because evidently they’ve recieved 3+ firm/team/industry emails urging them to vote. it was 65/35 a day ago when barry (boston OMP) emailed us once having us check out the poll to show some office pride… however that was all we heard.

      • GuestieD

        I was wondering how it came back closer again…Deloitte folks got an email about mid-week and it jumped big, then the next day it was even again.

      • heirkles

        That’s pretty sad

        • James Rustler

          just seeing this……big push for votes…encouraged to stuff the ballot box. What a scientific poll!

    • GoSystemsIsMyFriend

      I won’t even be starting with PwC Boston until the Fall and they sent me an email asking for a vote…

      • Guest

        Same here