• It’s Probably Just a Coincidence That the Subject of an AICPA Newsletter Was ‘Learn How to Appreciate Staff’ on April Fools’ Day

    By | April 1, 2016

    A friend of GC forwarded us the AICPA News Update from this morning noting the subject line:


    To save you eyestrain, it reads:

    Subject: Learn How to Appreciate Staff During Busy Season

    Editor's Note

    During busy season, practitioners may find their lives temporarily become all work and no play. However, a number of firms are trying to offer their employees a brief respite here or there to show their appreciation for the hard work and long hours required to get to the finish line. Learn ways firms are building a sense of camaraderie and lightening the mood in this AICPA Insights blog post.

    To be fair, the blog post is from Tuesday but I can imagine more than a few people read that subject as dry humor and did a double-take.

    • SmallFry

      I’ve always wondering if any accountants ever seriously quit on April fool’s day and have everyone double guessing whether it’s a prank all day until the person actually gets up and leaves.