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    Inability to Access “Let’s Get it On” Station on Hump Day Not Sitting Well with One Ernst & Young Employee

    By | November 14, 2012

    Ernst & Young has long been known to frustrate employees by blocking a certain Internet radio station, but based on this latest message, now they are risking some employees' safety:

    EY Boston has blocked Pandora this week. The level of anger is INTENSE.  IT people better hide…

    It's been established that you cannot mess with people's morning routines without affecting morale in a serious way. Hang in there, Beantown.

    • TaxGuest

      EY Boston blocked Pandora a while ago, it’s never worked for me…

      • Recovering Auditor

        It’s been working for the past month. We had temporary joy, but they blocked it again. 🙁

        • Arg

          Same in NY

    • Robert Palmer

      Barry Salzberg is still trying to figure out how to download porn on napster.

    • Guest

      I used to work for a F500 company that blocked Youtube and Facebook because it “affected employee productivity” but had several TVs in the office showing daytime talk shows and baseball games.

    • SHUH ZAM!

      Why don’t you just use GrooveShark or Songza?

    • Guesticle

      who cares. slacker radio is arguably better and grooveshark is better than both of them.

    • cool story brah

      That’s why I disconnect from the VPN before visiting my naughty websites

    • Peter Olinto Fan

      live365.com is the one I use. It’s fantastic!

    • Alex

      EY has its own Pandora station, too.

    • $34592802

      Songza is really nice because they don’t have any commercials and there are custom playlists